lunch @ Yojiya Cafe

My mama and I were out shopping in Hikarie (ヒカリエShinQs)  in Shibuya (渋谷), and were in the basement looking at cosmetics when we stumbled upon Yojiya Cafe (よーじやカフェ). I recognized it from the mascot of the ladies face. Yojiya is most famous for its oil blotting papers or aburatorigami in Japanese. It have bought and used these papers many times. And it uses the same ladies face.

My mama loves matcha/green tea so we decided to take a break and have a light lunch. We ordered wa-fu or Japanese style pepperocino pasta. It was oil based with Kyoto style Japanese pickles and mizuna. It was light and good.
photo 5

Then we moved onto dessert. I had two colored warabi mochi, which came with ousu or uji matcha. Warabi mochi is a soft jelly like kochi that is usually covered in kinako powder. The warabi mochi was served with vanilla ice cream and came in two flavors, kinako or powdered dried soy beans and 2
You can also choose the syrup that you want to drizzle over the warabi mochi. Usually people use kuromitsu (黒蜜) or black honey, but since matcha is rare I decided to order it with the matcha syrup.
photo 3
My mama order the matcha chiffon cake with red azuki beans.
photo 1
We just stopped here for a quick lunch and we ended up having delicious green tea treats. I was happy we tried this place. Next time I will be sure to get their famous macha latte.

ms fancy pants tokyo & matcha latte

  • Yojiya Cafe (よーじやカフェ 渋谷ヒカリエShinQs店)
  • 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs B1F
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-21:00
  • 03-6434-1761

birthday lunch @ Patina Stella

So it’s been about three weeks since Baby Sakuma was born, and it’s already my birthday now! Wow how time flies. My friend RiRi decided she wanted to take out to a beautiful birthday lunch. She knows how much I love Patina Stella and she had never been there before so she booked a table, and off we went!

I never get tired of eating here because the menu changes weekly. This week they were having an Alaskan Seafood Fair. As I love seafood I was so excited! We started with champagne toast. This was the first time I had champagne in about 10 months! Was so excited to drink, until I realized that I can’t hold alcohol anymore, and my face immediately turned red–so sorry no pics! hahaha.

To begin our course, this small chilled soup in a shot glass.
photo 2

I ordered the Salad of Smoke Salmon and Salmon Roe Fregola. This was also the first time I had salmon since I was pregnant. It was so delicious and matched the fregola salad. This was the first time I had fregola and it reminded me of a larger version of couscous.
photo 3
Then I ordered the King Crab and Squid Ink Tagliolini. This was fantastic. I have had this before with squid instead of crab. But every thing tastes better with crab–let’s just say I love crab! And I love thicker noodles so tagliolini is always a fav of mine. This was oh-so-good!
photo 4

And for our main dish, we had meat of course (you have a choice of meat or fish)! RiRi likes to call us niku girls! Niku means meat in Japanese. hahaha.
photo 1-1

Maria surprised me with a birthday cake too!
photo 2-1 11025188_10155301207020150_7072564256990591503_n
After making a wish and blowing out the candles they cut the cake in half and served it with some sorbet. Although we were full we both devoured it! It was so yummy. The cake was moist yet airy and the whip cream was light and not overly sweet.
photo 3-1
Then we ended are lovely lunch with hot cups of lemon verbena tea with a small chocolate truffle and candied fruit jelly.
photo 4-1

This was such a nice relaxing birthday lunch with one of my good friends. I needed a small break from the baby to enjoy great food and great company. Where do you like to go to celebrate your birthday?

ms fancy pants tokyo & RiRi & my birthday cake
(dress: M Missoni, cardigan: Prada)

lunch @ Cicada

My parents and I love Cicada, and they always request to go here when they come to visit Tokyo. Since Baby Sakuma is still only 2 weeks old, my mama and I decided to have a mother-daughter lunch date, while my dad watches the baby. I was so excited to have mother-daughter time.

Every time I dine here, I always think to order something different yet I always end up ordering the same thing–go fig! All the courses are served with tropical ice tea and with freshly baked bread from Breadworks.

Here is my favorite appetizer: Morrocan Crab Cakes! These really are so delish. They are spicy and the sauce is tangy, which is the perfect combination. I would recommend these to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.
photo 1-1
My mama loves the Greek Horiatiki Salad with Feta and Kalamata Olives. It’s really big, so I snagged a few bites. I love the feta cheese. I ate some of it with their freshly baked bread.
photo 2-1
Next came our main dishes. My regular: Pan-Roasted Scallops with Faro and Maitake Risotto. Anyone who knows me, know I love scallops! This dish is fabulous, it combines all the things I love:mushrooms, scallops and cheese.
photo 3-1
I know my mom always goes for the healthy choice with Grilled Snapper with Rosemary and Olives. Although its healthy its still very VERY tasty and packed full of flavor.
photo 4

We end our course with dessert! We both agreed on the same dish- the Super Rich Warm Valrhona 70% Cacao Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Gelato. 70% cacao means healthy right? hahaha. This was warm and rich. Another words it was happiness on a plate!
photo 1

After devouring our desserts, we end the meal with Moroccan Mint Tea and a Cafe Latte. You may get free refills on any of the drinks, and you can even with them too. It’s a nice service! I love the mint tea, it makes we warm and relaxed.
photo 2

I love spending quality time with my mama and I can’t wait till Baby Sakuma and I can have mother daughter time too. Better yet, all three generations spending time together! Bonding over excellent food–does it get any better?

FYI **To bring babies/kids to Cicada you have to book a private room–3000 yen for weekday lunch, 5,000 yen for weekend lunch, and 10,000 for dinner. I understand that parties with kids/babies need to use a private room in consideration to other guests however charging them extra to use the room is a little ridiculous, in my opinion.** (I’m still learning all the ins and outs of having a baby in Tokyo. Sometimes it seems you are penalized for having a child. No wonder the birth rate is so low)

ms fancy pants tokyo & my mama
photo 3

shower baby sakuma with love

So the count down till Baby Sakuma arrives has begun. About one month to go. Mr T–my super generous nice bff decided to host my Tokyo baby shower at his lovely home. In Japan it’s a rare occasion to have a house party as Japanese homes are relatively small and people are embarrassed to have guests over. So I feel lucky Mr T has opened up his home to celebrate me and Baby Sakuma.

I’m not one for strict traditions, so I decided I wanted to invite guys to my baby shower too. And of course Boo-chan would be there too. Mr T is a fabulous cook and made all the desserts himself. Just check out this spread: chewy rice crispy treats, a beautiful cake, rich chocolate cake pops, and sweet strawberry popcorn!
He also made crispy chocolate chip cookies and served them with shots of milk. Such a clever idea! And I had no idea that his cake had three layers!  It was so moist and scrumptious and followed the color theme of pink-strawberry cheesecake, black-chocolate and white-vanilla mouse. So cute and thoughtful.
10353188_10152567442946389_7551209114637556426_n 10989302_10152567442811389_1685827717446313793_n-1
Since Mr T slaved away making all the awesome desserts, we decided to order these gourmet Burgers from Brozers (ブラザーズ 人形町店). They came in cute little individual box lunches with french fries and onion rings.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but after taking one bite into this mouthwatering juicy hamburger, I was sold!
1780898_10152567442201389_7741803895796114846_n 10947318_10152567442326389_8719281097441662128_n
Everyone enjoying their yummy burgers! The above picture doesn’t show how truly big they are, but you can see in the pics below!
10986685_10152567442396389_5790267921802606506_n 10968486_10152567442551389_2624598696663147675_n
10422346_10152567442506389_8414814297698371898_n 10983192_10152567442601389_682458858392187920_n
My friend K-taro also brought so many cakes from the Gourmet Shop at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. They were all delicious–yes I ate one of each! Well I should rephrase that–Baby Sakuma and I had one of each. hahahaha
10984062_10152567443091389_8539638139644941255_n 10177939_10152568297221389_2837865557415053799_n
All my guests wrote heartfelt or funny messages and put it into a book for me. And who can forget all the gifts I received! I have the NICEST friends ever. Baby Sakuma will surely be one stylish little girl!
10990026_10152568298176389_2327958593267727102_n-1 10491077_10152567443291389_1470725847373590888_n-1
10955775_10152568297521389_9097575997860550807_n 10450147_10152568297401389_2951202903340944076_n
10959512_10152567442026389_1735820875715096207_n 10650035_10152567442071389_1159524747901141322_n
10920951_10152567569941389_8215009363830550123_n 10958570_10152567442691389_8682249724123025813_n

10489669_10152567441916389_1978751797340576800_n 1513720_10152567442141389_1858180156097355040_n
10325349_10152567443236389_3370972450683633867_n 10488035_10152567569846389_8301465366145745395_nWe also created a little Photo Booth to take many pictures.
10968338_10152567769351389_7335264654822770386_n 10422366_10152567769391389_2144864664251663792_n
10009849_10152567769471389_5901279597818965971_n 10898117_10152568297341389_9087280409022550_n
10488193_10152567569711389_3714585365100798296_n 10269374_10152567769726389_479521649852615125_n
10985242_10152567443031389_6560797193818183203_n 10408542_10152568330291389_6303842431694359691_n

10986912_10152568330151389_6176530910462827108_n 10922829_10152567769506389_5322397968840812011_n
I’m one lucky girl to be surrounded by so many loving supportive friends! Baby Sakuma, Boo-chan and I appreciate each and everyone one of you: near and far, absent or present, we felt all the love today!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Today was truly a special and memorable day!!

ms fancy pants tokyo & the best host ever!!
(dress: Z Spoke by Zac Posen, cardigan: Prada, necklace: J Crew)

maternity pictures @ Happy Birth Photo Studio

I first thought I didn’t need or want to take any maternity pictures. But after seeing my friend’s pictures, I decided I wanted to take them too. It was hard to find a studio that I liked as I already had an image of what I wanted. Luckily, I found Happy Birth Photo Studio (ハッピーバースフォトスタジオ 表参道店) in Omotesando.

I made an appointment and we were set to go! Before going, I looked through my wardrobe to see if there was any clothes or things I wanted to use. The studio provided many things tops, skirts, and hair accessories. I also decided that I wanted Boo-chan is some of the pictures too, and he happily agreed.

The studio was easy to find. We met with the coordinator and the photographer who were both ladies and had a short meeting on what I wanted to do. They were very nice and also gave us many ideas.  It was easy to get my ideas across and things went very smoothly.

Enough talking!!! Here is a glimpse of some of the shots that were taken. Unfortunately, none of the shots are photoshopped. So you can see the real “me”—hahaha but hey I’m preggers!! These were all taken at 33weeks 6days pregnant.


10945593_10152543253811389_7765869625003166469_n 10945720_10152543253786389_6356507683756492035_n 10334306_10152543253836389_3231401844009406433_n


Pregnancy is filled with cravings, hormones, expanding waistlines, and emotions. Sometimes I forget to step back and appreciate the beauty of it all, but these pictures sure help to remind me!

ms fancy pants tokyo & boo-chan & the bump

  • Happy Birth Photo Studio (ハッピーバースフォトスタジオ 表参道店)
  •  3-4-7 Jingumae Elm Aoyama B1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Mon-Sun 10:00-21:00
  • 03-5772-1825 or 03-5214-0011