red. rouge. cherry. cardinal. crimson. ruby. rose.

when in doubt wear red    -Bill Blass

Honestly, who doesn’t love the color red (I need to know)??? When I think of red, the first things that come to mind are walking the red carpet, Dorothy’s glittery ruby red shoes in The Wizard of Oz, the red one piece bathing suits from that 90s tv show Baywatch, Gwen Stefani’s crimson lips, and the many beautiful red dresses from Oscar de la Renta.

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To me, red is energetic, it’s passionate, and  it does have a special way of exuding confidence!! Why not try sprucing up an ordinary outfit with a bold red bag, add an eye catching element with vibrant red accessories, wear your favorite shade of red lipstick for instant color, slip on a pair of red jeans for a fresh spin in crimson, or finish off an outfit with flashy red pumps. I’m obsessed with wearing red—well that’s not completely true, i love red except for hair (obviously that excludes natural red-heads which are super cute!) I remember the horror when my hair dresser decided to dye my hair red…Ummm I almost cried, real tears were about to fall. Surprise Surprise!! Not everyone can pull of red locks. Let’s just say I never went back there again–Nobody messes with my hair twice…Anyways, for some reason my attraction to red was so strong that I bought so many RED things on my trip to Vegas last month. So I wanted to share the top 6 red things I bought (sorry– I thought 5 was too cliché so I chose 6).

1. Givenchy Sugar Nightingale Medium Satchel Bag, Medium Red

My first red bag!! (jumps for joy) I must have a thing for givenchy, my 3rd bag bought this year.


2. MAC Viva Glam Matte Lipstick

Thank you RuPaul for creating this color!! Proceeds go to the  MAC Aids Fund–a very important cause.


3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Red Heeled Platform Loafer

Although im taller then Boo-chan, they are actually comfy and easy to walk in!


4. J. Crew Classic Merino Long Cardigan

The slouchy long cardigan I love wearing with everything!!


5. AG Stevie Ankle Red Jeans

Actually have this same style in 3 different shades of red–yes, yes, and yes!!


6. Salvatore Ferragamo “My Charm” Pump in Red Patent

I love the vintage feel of these pumps–can definitely be worn year round.


So now you have seen my new red style statements which will be added to my  red collection. It’s time for you to go out and buy something red–It’s a must!!! Or atleast tell me what red things you love and own.


ms fancy pants tokyo (circa 1983)

Scan 21


3 thoughts on “red. rouge. cherry. cardinal. crimson. ruby. rose.

  1. Love your list of reds! And surprisingly I have already seen you sport most of these red items, and I think they are hot. Especially the red lipstick which is, contrary to what SOME might say, totally classy and hot. Haha.

  2. mr t- i have worn all these things!! i wanna see your red list….i know one is your little red man bag.

    mel-thanks i love those shoes too…gives me the height i wish i had. hahaha. what are you fav red things?

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