keepin it klassy

So to refresh everyone’s memory me and my pals did NOT opt to go out on new years eve. Super boring I know…So that weekend, (jan 5–still rewinding back) we had to make up for that and prove to everyone (meaning only ourselves) that we weren’t too old, and we do have fun-hahaha. Although I was even sicker then I was on New Years Eve, I decided to suck it up and shake what my mama gave me!! That and mr t kindly reminded me, “who cares if you get sicker, its not like you have a job,” which basically was the deciding factor for us to go out. So I crossed my fingers and I hoped I would magically sweat out my cold on the dance floor and feel better the next morning (I needed a miracle for that to happen).

We started the night early at 11pm (in japan trains end around midnight. a.k.a. you are stuck till the first trains start-5am ish–but as drunk Dionne used to say, “I am rich I can cab it home”). Met up with RiRi and Mayu first at Rigoletto Bar and Grill (リゴレットバーグリル) in Roppongi Hills  (六本木ヒルズ). The girls were at the bar waiting for MJ (it was her day of birth) and their other friends. The drinks were cheap and good so they say–I obviously had no idea bc well I was takin cold meds. I learned a while back that meds and alcohol never mix well. Another story-another day…So Mr T was nappin before our big night out and totally forgot to eat so I sat in the dining area with him. My voice was beginning to fade into a macy gray husky yet raspy voice and the night hadn’t even started. But that didn’t stop me from talking….And commenting on all the nice people we saw around us. tee hee. But Rigoletto’s bar is like a pick up joint, for older (of which many happen to be nasty) foreign men and young japanese girls. Not really my cup of tea but the food is nice. In the dining room Mr T and I noticed more than half of the tables were filled with groups of girls. Were they trying to meet guys that way? Didn’t they know they had to be at the bar for that? The other tables were either couples or groups of friends celebrating something. Some couples dined in silence with sad faces, while others actually seemed to somewhat enjoy their company. It’s hard to say, but it’s fun to people watch in Japan…

Roppongi Hills  is a state of the art facility that houses restaurants, living spaces, shopping, movie theaters, grand hyatt hotel, office spaces, even a museum and more.


Italian and Spanish dishes are served at Rigoletto which is situated on the 5th floor of the Mori Tower building. It has a very American atmosphere.  This is part of the dining section in Rigoletto, the lamps  divide the bar and restaurant.


Here is the front of the bar. I like how its an open space that flows into the corridor of the 5th floor. You can stand on all sides of the bar. As you can see the bar is foreigner friendly, and I believe most of the drinks are ¥500 (about $5.50 and no need to tip).


So the birthday girl wanted to hit up Muse (ミューズ西麻布). It had been a while so I thought hopefully it’ll be fun and well lucky for us girls it’s actually FREE!! Mr T and the other guys had to pay ¥3000 (about $33) but it came with two drink tickets. From the outside it seems like a hole in the wall, but in reality it has 3 levels. We got ourselves some lockers and shoved our stuff in before the stench of smoke could absorb in our jackets and clothes. Sometimes I wish they had lockers in clubs in America. It just makes sense to have them… So now, it was time to hit the dance floor—they playin my jams!! We went to the first small dance area. Ummm way too smoky and well no one was really dancing. Makin our way through the club I spot the smoke free floor (que the “ahhhh” heavenly like sound). Even though I was stuffed up and couldn’t really smell all that well, I knew I didn’t want to be in a smoke infested area. So this is where we stationed ourselves for the night.

The front of Muse looks really small, but after going down the stairs its actually quite spacious and has multiple floors.


This was part of the smoke free room (was so excited bc it’s super rare). And yes Mr T and I ruled that small stage those girls are on!!


To top off the night, while I was talkin to RiRi and Mayu some drunk guy proceeds to talk to us. He obviously isn’t from around here, he looks at all of us separately and then directs a questions at RiRi, “How are you Japanese and THAT tall?”……RiRi being annoyed, doesn’t say anything while he is still standing there waiting, so I retort back. “She’s really a man you idiot!”….And well he looked at her with confused eyes and took off. Yes!!! One down, two to go.

The next retard stumbles up to Mr T and I (we were totally having an important private convo–duh), and pratically begs Mr T to teach him how to get girls. He newly arrived in Japan and pleaded “What do I have to do or say to get laid tonight?”. Way to keep it klassy mister!! As RiRi and Mayu went to the bathroom, this was my que to leave….When I came back Mr T was almost finished giving him advice and with a littel push (literally) the guy left with some new found confidence, good job Mr T. hahaha. Two down, one to go.

The final jerk had the nerve to to talk to one of our friends for like 15 minutes, leave, and come back to her like 10 minutes later and didn’t even realize he was talkin to her before. So she let that slide (I would never in my right mind do that). Then somehow she was talked into buyin him a drink (ummmm that is a no-no. guys should buy girls drinks, MJ is too nice)….And when she arrives with his drink, he is all over some other girl who is clearly with some other guy who she is ignoring. Then gives up on her, and tries to dance with all of our other friends….What is wrong with these dudes–all of them. Of course girls there were no better…..

It’s strange how all the girls who dressed super homely had guys flocking. And all the girls in somewhat revealing clothes were left alone. I heard this guy and girl talking. She was in a turtleneck and cardigan at the club…..Yes you heard me right a turtle neck??? Anyways the guy was like wow you have only been clubbing 2x ever. I dunno if she was playing the innocent naive girl type (very common) or if she really wasn’t a clubber….You never know…There’s some shady girls and guys out there…..And there were plenty of other random things that happened that night but nothing worthy of my time …. All i can say is what can you expect its roppongi (nishi azabu)…..

Forgot to take a shot of my outfit…Guess I was too busy being sick…But i wore RACERBACK TANK//Trina Turk  CHAIN AND TWIST CRYSTAL NECKLACE//J.Crew  PANTS// Black Leggings  KNEE HIGH BOOTS//Zara  (gotta be picky with what i wear bc of all the smoke-ick!!).

$T2eC16h,!)kE9s4,ButeBQfcEtOdow~~60_57 $(KGrHqJHJEUFBf,U,vuGBQfcEwUW4Q~~60_57

Well my cold was getting to me, and after dancing about 3 hrs straight I was ready to go home. I was sweaty, super sick, and my voice was sounding like a new-half (a tranny to be exact). But I did have fun and danced half of the night away!!! Oyasumi お休み  (good night night)!


ms fancy pants tokyo


  •  Rigoletto Bar and Grill (リゴレットバーグリル) 
  • 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 5F Roppongi Hills West Walk
  • Mon-Sat 11:00-05:00
  • Sun/Holidays 11:00-23:00
  • 03-6438-0071
  • .
  • Muse (ミューズ西麻布)
  • 4-1-1 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • B1F
  • Mon-Fri 21:00-05:00
  • Sat-Sun 22:00-05:00
  • 03-5467-1188

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