review: Pure Smile Lip Mask Choosy

So….It’s the middle of winter and I’m impatiently waiting for spring to come (seems like it’s takin for-evah). It’s fuh-fuh-freezing!!! I’m just glad it’s only snowed twice here (knock on wood). But everyone is suited up in their down jackets or wool coats. Our hands are guarded with gloves, we warm our heads with hats, and protect our necks with a scarf or muffler. Then, and only then can we finally step out into the cold…..

Me n Boo-chan bundled up on the deck of ty harbor brewery (ティー・ワイ・ハーバーブルワリー) in Shinagawa (品川)           Boo-chan: BOWTIE// Etro   CASHMERE SWEATER//Marc by Marc Jacobs  DOWN COAT//Rag & Bone   Me: DOWN COAT//Theory, DRESS//Etro


But what is protecting our lips? They are still exposed to the sun, the cold wind, and dry air. (ahem-in a teacher-like voice) Studies have shown that you can loose up to 10x, yes I said ten times more moisture through your lips compared to the rest of your face and body (interesting info, right). And since the surface layers on your lips are sooo thin, they are more likely to dry out (go fig). The low humidity indoors, strong gusts of wind outside, and just the cold dry air in general will promote dehydrated lips, which in worse case scenarios can turn into tiny splits and cracks (ouch!).

So how many of you have chapped lips as we speak?? I know i do–cuz I keep lickin my lips on accident. Maybe this was too close to my face….ummm i do have good skin. just not in this pic–hahahha.


If you don’t have chapstick or lip balm on hand, what’s the normal thing to do??…..Duh- we are all guilty of licking our lips, right? But it’s a common mistake to think we add mositure by licking them. It actually makes them worse….As your saliva evaporates, it totally dehydrates your lips (omg!!). And if you lick your already chapped lips, it obviously irritates the skin even more (bad habit I must stop). We must remember saliva contains acid, the very acid that helps to break down the food we eat. so in that case—Don’t lick your lips. Instead use lip balm, chapstick, or other creams and ointments to help moisturize, nourish, and protect your lips. Oh yah, dont forget the spf. If you put it on your face why wouldn’t you put it on your lips??  as for me, I have scattered chapsticks around my house (including the kitchen and bathroom), I keep them in all my bags, and even one on my nightstand. I need easy access, so I can protect my lips quickly and never lick them again. Here are a few of the many chapsticks i have layin around my house.

front row: 1. Lip Smackers x Girl Scouts-Thin mint, smells delicious! I love lip smackers. I used to collect many different flavors.    2. my fav: Burt’s Bees, this really soothes my lips. I put this on as a base before applying my lipstick.  3. Mentholatum spf 19, this one has spf which is great but it feels too light and doesnt moisturize as well as i like.                                                                                                       back row: 1. Chapstick with spf 15, works great 2. Body Shop: Delipscious, I love how this one is a tinted lip balm. it comes in different shades too 3. Mentholatum xd,  I love how this makes my lips feel 4. Oxy Perfect Moist Lip-  I like the wide stick but its a little too light on my lips


I also found something else…..After Ree-O and i had dinner the other night we were walking to the station in Harajuku (原宿). As it was late and most stores were closed, the bright lights of Ainz Tulpe (アインズ&トルペ) caught our eye. I love this store cuz it’s opened late , close to the station, and has a wide variety or beauty and cosmetic products (what more do you need)!!! The perfume section is in the front, so we decided to browse and Ree-O got a great deal on Gucci Flora. while at the register  we spoted something new…..Pure Smile/Lip Mask Choosy (ピュアスマイル/リップパックChoosy)-made in Korea!! I have seen face masks but lip masks was a first. So we got all excited and decided to try them out. Thanks Ree-O for buying me my very first lip mask!!!

Ainz Tulpe has two floors filled with everything from foot massagers to perfume,cosmetics, hair pieces, medicine, and even random foreign snacks. They sometimes offer really great deals and products can be more than half off!!


The lip mask includes (written on the package) 7 different luxurious ingredients to formulate full lips. It comes in different flavors: herb, honey, fruit, peach, and milk. and promises to give you plump lips in one use (just wait, tomorrow I will have voluptuous Angelina Jolie lips)


The mask uses vitamin e- to condition the skin, collagen-to retain moisture, and hylaronic acid-to boost elasticity and radiance. How to use in three easy steps: 1. Cleanse your face (for best results use after taking a bath)  2. Place the gel mask on your lips   3. Leave on from 5-30 minutes for moisturize penetration, then carefully take off.


 What was that— You want to know what that little check box says? It says….. there’s an underground use for these lip masks. You can also put them on your darkening nipples!?!? Perfect!! So now you can have both moist plump lips and nipples. hahaha


(after washing my face) I ripped open the package and pulled out the plastic folder-like casing that had the mask in it. It’s wet inside the packaging–so don’t be alarmed.  I peeled off the the white backing and stuck the mask onto my lips.


Don’t worry, the mask is way bigger then your actual mouth so it can fit even the fullest lips. So I decided to keep the mask on for 30 minutes. After taking it off, my lips did seem to be moisturized but in a different way then chapsticks or moisturizers do. chapsticks moisturize from the surface. This mask seems to moisturize from within my lips. I did lick my lips right after (force of habit) and there was a faint medicine kinda taste left from the mask. My lips tingled a little but all in all they do feel nice. For ¥100 ($1.10) I will definitely use this product again. I want to try all of the different flavors….. So what products do you like to use on your dry chapped lips? I’d love to hear about any of your chapped lip remedies. Time to say sayonara to my chapped lips (and nipples?? will try someday–maybe) hahah.


ms tokyo fancy pants

(it’s been only 4 posts, so you are lucky I am showing you my face without makeup on–for the purpose of the lip masks. better look at it carefully cuz you might not see this kinda pic for a long time. hahah!!)


  • Ainz Tulpe (アインズ&トルペ)
  • 1-13-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo-to
  • Harajuku Quest Bldg 1F & B1F
  • Mon-Sun 10:00-23:00
  • 03-5775-0561

11 thoughts on “review: Pure Smile Lip Mask Choosy

  1. Hello,
    My japanese penfriend sent me one of these lips mask (honey flavour) but I haven’t tried it yet.
    Does it take effect for a long time or only for one day?

    • Hi–unfortunately it only works for about a day, depending on your regular lip routine. for me i like to wear MAC lispstick but its dries out my lips, so I feel like my lips get dry regardless of what i put on them. when i used the lip mask at night my lips were moisturized and felt great right before i went to sleep and when i woke up the next morning. for how cheap these are its a great deal, but i would have to say it only lasts a day…if that.

      • Okay, thank you very much for your explanations!^^
        I think I’m gonna try it later then~ (I don’t want to use it right now, ’cause I won’t have a new one that easily haha)

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