lunch at Pan Table Cafe La Lobros

Yesterday I had lunch with two of my friends in the hood–Shibuya (渋谷). I met nancy through one of my good friends (K-co) from university and it turns out we have many friends in common, and Mimi is K-co’s super cute younger sister. Jus saw Mimi last month in Vegas, and now she was visiting Japan from Hawaii. Was super happy I got to see her while she was here!! The three of us met in front of Shibuya Station (渋谷駅 shibuya eki) at the famous Hachiko statue (ハチ公像). From my house to the station an older man tried to pick me up (ナンパされた nanpa sareta). funny right?? Now now, I dunno if I should be happy about this…On one hand– yes!! Even a gal at my age can still be appreciated (Japan is soooo age-sensitive). Or if I should be offended….I told him I was married and he still wanted to take me out. and somehow he came up to me twice. Before I ran into a store to pick up something quick and then right after (kinda creepy)….Was he waiting for me? Well atleast he remembered trying to talk to me like 10 minutes before….(better then the sleaze bags at the clubs) hahahah.

Hachiko is the famous akita remembered for his great loyalty to his owner.  There was even an American-made movie  (Hachi 2009) starring Richard Gere about Hachiko’s life. This statue has become a great symbol in Shibuya and remains as a popular meeting spot.


Hikarie building connects to the both metro lines (b3- exit 15) and JR lines (2 floor) of Shibuya Station (east exit). It’s a multipurpose high-rise building filled with shops, restaurants and cafes, a theater, offices, and more.


Since Mimi had yet to visit the recently built Hikarie (渋谷ヒカリエ) which opened april 2012, we decided to go there for lunch. We chose Pan Table Cafe La Lobros (ラ・ロブロス) on the 7th floor (table 7). Ree-O and I had eaten here before and I remembered it was good. The restaurant was packed considering it was a Wednesday, so we had to wait about 10 minutes to be seated. But the funny thing was it was filled with only women (and maybe a couple of little baby boys). A lot of estrogen circulating up in that place–hahaha. It’s definitely kid-friendly. The theme of  this cafe was “tasty, healthy, happy” and it had a spacious open front,  showing off their kitchen and enticing bread bar.

They receive between 20-30 types of fresh veggies everyday sent directly from farmers. With the lunch set,  you can enjoy all you can eat bread, a fresh green salad, your choice of entrée (pasta, risotto, meat, or fish), and either hot or ice tea or coffee for ¥1480 (around $16 and in japan no need to tip–yes!!).

DSC_1697 PanBuffet

Here’s Mimi and Nancy choosing their breads. So many options!! Oops forgot to count the number of breads but as a guess i would say 8, yes 8 different kinds were available (I think…). You can choose from soy milk, croissant, ginger honey, tomato, spinach, etc . On the healthy side there is no butter, you dip the bread in olive oil (last time i even got balsamic vinegar too).

2013-01-31-09-26-37_deco DSC_1704

The salad was on the larger size for Japan which was a big plus. It was leafy greens, topped with a variety of crisp veggies. Delish!! I forgot what kind of dressing they used, but I think it was french. It was a white sauce but not cheesy. I paired my food with an ice tea, while Mimi and Nancy had ice coffee.


I ordered the scallop and zucchini risotto with spinach sauce (sounded healthy to me, but just realized I probably had a carb overload–yikes), Mimi had the roasted pork with special mustard sauce, and Nancy got the pan fried tasmanian salmon with sesame ricotta cheese tartar sauce (had this one before–it was noms). They all looked and tasted yummy!!!

SpinachRisotto DenenPork SalmonFrid

Nothing was left on our plates!! By the end we were sooo full. Too bad we didn’t save room for dessert–they looked good (baguette style french toast). Last time I came here I wanted to eat dessert, but I guess with a bread bar you cant help but eat too many. Next time I will hopefully eat less bread and definitely order a dessert. Oh I almost forgot, I did get something sweet.  Mimi brought us chocolate straight from the states.

Trader Joe’s 70% cacao dark chocolate that has caramel with black sea salt. Thank you Mimi!! いただきまーす ittadakimasu!


Had great food, with even better company. With full stomachs, my tummy was screaming happiness!! So glad we could all get together. Thanks for the fun lunch! Mimi- hope you have a safe trip back to hawaii, and Nancy I’ll see you again soon!! So where do you and your friends like to have lunch?


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • Pan Table Cafe La Lobros (ラ・ロブロス)
  • 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo-to
    7F Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs
  • Mon-Thurs, Sun 11:00-23:00
  • Fri-Sat/Day Before National Holiday 11:00-04:00
  • 03-3486-8401

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