eye-deal eyes!!

there are no ugly women, only lazy ones     -Helena Rubinstein

And…Welll…I am might be a lazy one when it comes to makeup (but dont be mistaken, I DO love my makeup)….So I learned where to cut corners, and my biggest time saving beauty secret is…..(drum-roll pleaseee) eyelash extentions (まつ毛エクステ matsuge ekusute)!!! What is better than waking up looking gorgeous?? Even on my off days (lazy days), when I want to stay “au naturale”,  my face is basically ready–I just dab on a little lip gloss or only chapstick (depending on my mood) and my face looks good to go (if I wanna make a little more effort then I put on blush). While working out, I feel great and I know I look great (not to sound conceded) even with sweat drippin down my face all because my perfect eyelashes are intact–yes!! Still haven’t figured out why the Japanese workout bunnies at my gym cake on the makeup just to sweat it off, when all they really need are eyelash extensions. These eyelashes are great bc it automatically looks like I have makeup on even when I dont–it’s like magic.

Hi my name is ms fancy pants tokyo and I have been addicted to eyelash extentions. I’ve been addicted  for about 4 years now. (just wanted to show you how your face could look when you wake up in the morning–yes no makeup! the eye-deal eyes!!)DSC_1707

I absolutely love them!! Yesterday afternoon I had my monthly visit with Kobarin, my super cute eyelash artist. She is so talented she also does hair too!!  Every month Kobarin helps me change the shape of my eyes–how dramatic I want them and if I want it natural or voluminous. She saves me time every morning and did I mention they are waterproof!! So when I go surfing, slap on the sunblock and I am ready to go and I’m still lookin glamourous in the water. No matter how big the wave, my eyelashes always remain flawless! Anyways…First things first, decide the shape of what i want. For first timers, I would consult with my eyelash artist to see what they think is best for your eye.

Here are 3 common looks to help change the shape of your eye.  1. Natural- it is what is says, it follows the natural line of your eyelash and just adds fullness or length or both. It’s more of a discreet extension.  2. American Doll Style (can also be called glamourous) is my personal favorite. I have round eyes so I like the mid section to be the longest so my eyes pop more. It is supposed to simulate a doll’s eyelashes. 3. Camel Style. This look doesn’t fit my round eyes. It makes me look sleepy all the time becuase the corner eyelashes are too long and droopy for my eye shape. But I have seen it on many other girls and it’s cute.


Next, it’s time to decide the length of the eyelash, how curly  you want it to be, and also the width of the eyelash. Here’s an easy chart to see the differences. The length of the lashes usually range from 7mm-12mm long. I have seen them over 12mm but then you start to look like a tranny or show girl (too fake looking).  There are 3 basic types of curls: j-curl, c-curl, and d-curl. And the width of the eyelashes are  0.1mm, 0.15mm, and 0.2 mm. The width means how skinny you want the eyelash. If you use 0.2 is looks like you are wearing mascara and 0.1 looks more natural. I usually do c-curl, but i mix up the length depending on the shape I want and I always change the width depending on my mood. This time I have 0.2mm, the mascara look.


You also have to choose how many lashes you want to put on each eye. I leave that up to Kobarin to decide for me. But the number can really change depending on the look that you are going for. I know many girls put 100 or more, but I think it’s too heavy for your eye. But you can add volume with either the number of eyelashes or with the width of the eyelash. It’s up to you!! It’s fun to experiment and try many things until you find what is best for your eyes!


 My eyelashes usually last between 1-1.5 months. But Kobarin told me that for some lucky girls it lasts over 2 months (wow–talk about money saver). Depending on the type of glue that your eyelash artist uses, you eyelashes can last longer. It also depends on how fast your eyelashes grow and if you take care of them or not. taking care of them really means–how often you itch or scatch your eyes. the more you touch them, you can mess up their position or accidentally pull them out. The worse thing is to pull them out with your natural eyelash—yikes. So try not to mess with your eyes. Of course you can wash your face with soap, just like normal. But you don’t want to rub your eyes. Wearing eye makeup is a must, so don’t forget you hafta use oil free eye makeup remover so it doesn’t loosen the glue. For extra care,  to protect my eyelashes and make them last longer I always put on clear mascara after I take a shower.

I love maybeline clear mascara. To apply, I close one of my eyes and then coat the top of my lashes. Then open my eye and put it on like regular mascara. This helps them stay together and so they last a lot longer.


 Every once in a while I want something different (go fig). So I change it up with colored lashes and one point color lashes. I actually think it’s really cute. Some colors are subtle and others stand out a lot. I’ve only tried red, purple, and blue. I think I like blue the best, but I want to try green next.  Here are the colors you can choose from.


One point color lashes are basically regular eyelash extensions except in one area (one point) you add a different color(s). Usually people put the colored lashes in the corner of their eyes but you can choose the spot. The brown and blue ones look more subtle. Adding more then one color is nice too.

images-6 images-1 images-5

You can also do one color for your entire lash line, but i think its a litte too much depending on the color. But now there are new lashes that are black and then just the tips have color. I did my whole lash line in black/blue before. The blue tips blend with the black so only in natural light or when the light hits it in the right spot can you tell that the tips were blue.  When I got sick of the blue I just put mascara on. Oops..Sorry I forgot to take pics of that…..(next time)

images-3 images-6 images-7

So I am sure you are all pumped and ready to run out and get eyelash extensions!!! Trust me it’s a definite must and you will realize how much easier it is to get ready in the morning. Not to mention how fab you look without makeup. Oh and they say eyelash extensions are better for your lashes then using mascara. So in that case it’s better to get them!! If you have any questions please ask me, and maybe I can help you.  Hope you like them as much as I do!


ms fancy pants tokyo



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