stop…..ha-fu time! (u can’t touch this)

So what’s a ha-fu (ハーフ) ?? it’s ME!! or better known as a biracial person, who is ethnically half japanese.  In japan, they love to use the term “half” (ハーフ ha-fu).  Fashionable images of half japanese people have taken over the media. We see them on television, in fashion mags, and can listen to their music albums.

Some Famous Half Celebs: Jessica Michibata (argentinian/japanese),  Becky  (british/japanese), AKB48 member Sayaka Akimoto (filipino/japanese), Christel Takigawa (french/japanese), Eiji Wentz (america/japanese), Tsuyoshi Abe (chinese/japanese)

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 Last night,  it was a half hang out sesh with Ant and Papillon. We met at Shinjuku Station (新宿駅)- the world’s busiest transport hub and decided to take a spin in Ant’s new car (Mazuda cx-5). Time to eat dinner so we headed on over to Odaiba (お台場). Luckily the roads weren’t too crowded and we could get their quickly (esp with Ant as the driver-go speed racer).

Ant is American Japanese and Papillon is Syrian/Okinawan. Not only are we all half, but we went to the same uni and worked together at the same company. Half power!!!

2013-02-02-11-01-56_deco 553500_176718665788233_739841119_n

Odaiba is a man-made artificial island in the middle of Tokyo Bay. it was originally used for defensive purposes. But now it’s a popular sightseeing and shopping destination.


To get to Odaiba you have to drive across Rainbow Bridge (レインボーブリッジ). This suspension bridge crosses the northern part of Tokyo Bay between Shibaura Pier and Odaiba. It’s a very scenic drive in the day and at night.

images-2 250px-Rainbow_colored_Rainbow_Bridge_at_night

We got to Odaiba and decided to go to Aqua City (アクア シティお台場) to eat dinner. Aqua City has a large shopping zone with over 80 stores and a gourmet zone with Japanese, western, Chinese, and Italian cuisine. Ant made the tie breaking decision to eat at Zest Cantina (ゼスト キャンティーナ) so that’s where we dined. Aqua City is nice because many of the restaurants are opened late–Zest is open till 3:30am!! And free parking validation when you eat (parking can get expensive in the city)!

Aqua City is based on the theme “Tokyo Island Resort”. Zest is modeled after a bullion cave. It’s a tex-mex restaurant with over 200 types of drinks made to order.

DSC_5588 DSC_1718 zest_image

We ordered the chicken wangs-one in extra spicy and one in spicy dry!! The extra spicy was mighty hot. These wings are special bc the seasoning is dry and not an actual sauce and they were skinnier or less meaty.  The beef chimichanga was delish but it wasn’t as crispy as i wanted it to be. It was filled with veggies, beef and rice. And topped with a meaty sauce, guacamole, sour cream, and cheesy sauce. Since Ant drove we all opted for non-alcoholic drinks (healthy)!!

Buffalo-Chicken-Wing02 009-3-e1350024999782 2013-02-02-08-14-21_deco

Oops I almost forgot to take a pic of my outfit (safe this time)….But had to do it when I came back home….and well my camera wasn’t co-operating… CARDIGAN//J.Crew   SILK RACERBACK TANK//Joie   SCARF//Burberry Prorsum    PANTS//Uniqlo x Domani  BOOTS//Vera Wang Lavender


Anyways, I like getting together with these two because we always have the most random convos esp about our relationships. Obviously they come in all shapes and sizes. Ant just got married  last August–Congrats (おめでとう omedeto) to him!! Except he and his wife don’t live together yet (for over 5 months). She lives with her fam and he lives with his.But they are in the process of building a nice house and will finally move in together in April!!! So excited for their new life!! And Papillon has her own turbulent ride on the relationship roller coaster, with plenty of fun little twists and turns. So happy that even though we are all busy we can still make time to hang out. Stop…..ha-fu time!!


ms fancy pants tokyo & drive by tokyo tower


  • Zest Cantina (ゼスト キャンティーナ)
  • 1-7-1 Daiba, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 4F Aqua City Mediage
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-03:30
  • 03-3599-4803

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