girls just wanna have fun….in ginza and aoyama!!

So yesterday was Feb 2 and that means Valentine’s Day was exactly 12 days away!!! All the department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, flower shops, restaurants, and bakery shops are starting to buckle down and concentrate on promoting valentines. But the thing is, Valentine’s Day is completely backwards in Japan…..Get this, girls are supposed to give chocolates to guys on Feb 14. Yes, you heard me right. Girls buy chocolates or they make it (if they really like the guy) and give it to them on Valentine’s Day….So all the department stores are filled with ladies trying to buy and look at the different types of chocolates for that special guy in their life. They also have to buy chocolates for guys they don’t like but work with. They call that giri choco, and its like an obligation in the work place.

In Japan, girls give chocolates to guys.          In America, guys give chocolates to the girls.

images                       images-3

Anyways, many chocolate companies come out with special limited edition chocolates at this time. And it turns out that in Printemps Ginza(プランタン銀座) the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has a pop up shop until Feb 12. Ree-O was the first to find out this info, and soon the word spread to us girls. So we planned to go buy them….. for ourselves that is, not some guy. hahaha!!!

1. Ginza is known as one of the most luxurious shopping areas in the world. It has plenty of upscale departments stores, boutiques, restaurants, and coffee houses. Printemps is a Paris based department store that carries 10 floors of fashion, accessories, wine and food. 2. some streets are still lit with beautiful illuminations. Me and the girls minus Ree-O she took the pic. But I wanted a pic of the four of us. Small Med Large: S-me, M-RiRi, L-Kimi

printemps_ginza_renewal_2010autom-thumb-630xauto-28920 2013-02-02-23-24-27_deco

Yesterday the temperature was unusually warm. So I was happy not wearing a big heavy coat–yay!!  BLAZER// Taikonku (Anthropologie) CRYSTAL FAN NECKLACE// J.Crew  DRESS//Marc by Marc Jacobs  BOOTIES//Tory Burch  BAG//Givenchy Pandora


Me, RiRi, Ree-O, and Kimi decided to meet in front of Printemps. Time to get our caramel apples on!! The pop up shop was on the first floor, and boy was it crowded. People were just walking by trying to look in awe at the apples. Others bought them, some discussed wether mr right would like them, and others were appalled at the prices. It took us girls a little while to pick which one we wanted.

1. There were 6 different types of caramel apples to buy: Apple Cinnamon Apple, Apple Cheesecake Apple, Rocky Road Apple, Sprinkles Apple, Snow Ball Apple, and Printemps Limited Edition Apple.  2. Ree-O bought the Apple Pie Apple which is the least sweet and has a strong cinnamon smell.

295359_145937238897871_51308296_n  p03_apple_pie

1. Kimi and I bought Apple Cheesecake Apples which are coated in gram cracker crums. 2. RiRi and Boo-chan (I’m super nice and bought one for him) got the Printemps Limited Edition ones. The Printemps Apple was coated in caramel, then covered in almonds, crushed toffee, and chocolate–sounds so delicious, right?


The minute after we bought our apples we all wanted to devour them at once. But we didn’t have a knife to cute them, nor a place to sit down. Since we were at Printemps we decided to look around a little. in the spirit of  Valentine’s Day we also looked at the chocolate boutiques (ブティック ドゥ ショコラ 5th floor) dedicated to Valentine’s Day only. I loved this area–why?? Because every shop had samples, try-outs, testers, whatever you want to call them!! I’m not a real big chocolate fan. I would choose a cake over chocolate, but i will admit that some of the chocolates were to die for. My fav was this champagne fresh chocolate from 5th Avenue Chocolatier. It melted in your mouth with just the right amount of champagne!

1. The chocolate boutique area was packed with only women of course. There were 32 vendors with small booths there.  2. interesting concepts of chocolates. It’s the solar system from Foucher! I thought this was so clever.

DSC_1740 DSC_1742

1. Kyorol Chocolates are very girly with a touch of pop especially with the cute ribbon and eyes. The boxes were just as cute as the candies. 2. Suiraku Japan Chocolates not only look japanese (和風 wafu) but the chocolates have japanese flavors such as sesame seed (胡麻) and mikan (みかん). 3. Chocofino Chocolates looked dainty and cute.

vd2013003 vd2013005 vd2013013

After trying atleast 20 different chocolates we decided we would save our caramel apples for after dinner. for now we carried on shopping. RiRi is trying to make a special Valentine’s cake so we went to look at baking supplies and goods at Loft and a variety of baking kits at Muji. you can purchase kits for making macarons, chocolate cake, brownies, whoopie pies and more.  after we headed to estination to look at the sales.

1. Loft is a chain store that sells specialty goods and everyday commodities. They carry domestic and brands from abroad. Muji is short for Mujirushi Ryohin (無印良品) which means “no brand quality goods.” Muji is a chain store that sells clothing, home goods, and a variety of house hold goods. 2. Estnation is a 4 floored luxury import brand shop. They sell clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, bags, and cosmetics.

 05 images

We were going to eat dinner in Aoyama (青山) so we took the train there to continue the rest of our shopping. Aoyama is an area that is connected to Omotesando (表参道). Aoyama was named after a samurai, Tadanari Aoyama who served the Tokugawa Shogun. Tadanari Aoyama had his residence in the area. Still looking for baking supplies for  Valentine’s Day we went to Ao Building.

The Ao buidling in on Aoyama Street. It has restuarants, shopping, and bars. We went to Entre Square (エントレ スクウェア) on the second floor. they have designer brands of everyday goods. On the fourth floor we went to Keyuca, an interior shop.  Ree-O wanted to check out new sofas for her new place. Lastly we went to Oliver Peoples on the 1rst floor. love his glasses and sunglasses. i want new glasses!!


By this time we had worked up our appetites. Time for din din!! We walked over to one of our favorite restaurants–Pariya!

Pariya is a Japanese/Asian casual style restaurant. The food is healthy and the menu changes weekly. You have your choice of rice-white, brown or the specialty for that week. Then your choose one entrée, two side dishes, and soup for only ¥1000 ($11). After you can choose if you want an alcoholic beverage-they have a full bar, or get the drink bar which comes with refillable soft drinks, coffee, and tea. They also have a large selection of gelato and mini-cupcakes for dessert.


After eating sooooo much, we chatted and drank tea and coffee for awhile. Poor Kimi is still trying to get over her cold so she wanted to go home early. Ree-O was tired too and went home. So RiRi and I went to my place to hang out and finally dig into our caramel apples. lets just say they were super duper yummy!!!


Yesterday was a really fun day. Somehow I feel like all I did was eat and eat and eat. (all those yummy chocolates, and had a delicious dinner, followed by spliting a caramel apple with RiRi) but the four of us shopped around and also got some great ideas for Valentine’s Day baking (yes, i will bake something for my Boo-chan). When in rome do as the romans do. hahahha. But it was fun chatting and just relaxing all day with friends. Hope you are having a nice weekend! what fun things are you planning for Valentine’s Day?


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  • 3-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo
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  • 03-3567-0077
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  • 1F MAKO Kita Aoyama
  • Mon-Sun 11:30-23:00
  • 03-3409-8468

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  1. I need you to be my personal shopper! In fact that should be your new career! Do they have those in Japan?
    Loved your blog as always!

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