panasonic nanoe nano care EH SA60 p-pink ion two-way steamer review

Since it’s winter, I feel like my skin is drier than usual (need lotion always!!). Although it’s less humid in Vegas, it seems Tokyo is drier, esp with the cold blasts of wind. I was sick for almost all of January–took over 2.5 weeks to shake off my cold, so it had been a while since I had my last home facial. So, I busted out my Nanoe last night and I was ready to go. And well many of my friends have been interested in my steamer, so I decided to write this review.

Boo-chan bought me my steamer two years ago as a christmas present, and it’s still a best seller today. My nano care is in pink, but it also comes in gold. I love using my steamer, because it opens my pores and helps to rejuvenate my skin. There are two functions for this steamer, 1. is a 12 minute facial treatment and 2. moisturizing your skin by sending out nanoe ions while you sleep for about 8 hrs.
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Before using the steamer you must fill the small tank that fits on the top with water. The manual says that you can use both tap water and distilled water. Boo-chan being super duper nice, bought me distilled water from my local drug store. But one night, I ran out of distilled water and was too lazy to go to the store (normally use the steamer only at night). So I had no choice but to use regular tap water (however it is filtered). After using both, to be honest I couldn’t see or feel a real difference between the two. so now I choose to use (filtered) tap water. No need to spend money if you don’t have to, right?
1. This is the distilled water  (精製水 seisei mizu) I used. It is water but you can NOT drink it. 2. Fill the water tank to the full line, and place it back in the steamer.
images D1010321.JPG
My facial begins with a clean face. So that means taking off my makeup and washing my face. Then it’s steamer time!! And it’s very easy to turn on the steamer. push the button to turn on the machine (電源 切/入). Open the lid, then press the button to switch functions (切替) for 3 seconds. The lamp color will change from blue to red. At this time  you have 10 seconds to press the start button (ストップ/スタート). Then wait for the steam to come out. and now you have 12 minutes of facial bliss!! I try to keep my face the recommended 20cm away from the steamer to avoid burning my skin, but in the 2 years i have used this I have never been burnt. I also move around my face and the lid to make sure my entire face is steamed properly.
1. Four step directions to turn on the steamer. 2.Maintaining the 20cm distance is important. panasonic even encloses a ruler to make sure that you aren’t too close.  You can steam your entire face, neck, and decollete.
Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 11.05.06 PMScreen shot 2013-02-04 at 11.08.39 PM
I feel the steamer deeply penetrates into the outer layers of my skin. I can automatically feel the difference in my skin after 12 minutes. Sometimes I put on a face mask to lock in as much moisture as possible and then continue with my normal ritual. And other times I just continue with my regular beauty night routine- applying toner (with a cotton pad) and massaging lotion into my face. When I wake up in the morning I can still feel the difference, especially when I put on makeup. Your skin looks and feels refreshed. I really feel doing this especially in the winter is so important for your skin!! They say at first, steam your face 2-3 times a week and as your face gets used to it you can do it every night. When I’m not in lazy mode I usually do it 2-3 times a week (hahahahah).
The nanoe steam molecules (platinum steam) send nano sized steam so it can easily penetrate into the skin, while normal steams send large size molecules which can only cover the surface skin.
Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 12.18.57 AM
The second method is so simple. after cleansing and moisturizing your skin, all you do is turn on the nanoe ion function and go to sleep. What is better then not doing anything and getting great results?? On the down side, for those light sleepers like me , the first time I used the nanoe function I thought it was a bit loud. But after many times, I got used to it. It doesn’t bother me anymore.  Also, I first thought the nanoe smelled weird but now, I don’t feel there is anything strange. In the winter, rooms tend to be a little dry, and sometimes I wake up with a little sore throat from the dryness. However when I use the nanoe I rarely wakeup with a dry throat.
You should keep the machine at least 50cm away from you face when sleeping. 1. After two weeks of use, your skins texture will get better (left-after two weeks of use, right-before use). 2.  It is proven that nanoe ions are also good for your hair too. They help to close your cuticles that may have opened (left -is after 8hrs of nanoe, right- before use).
Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 12.31.18 AM Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 12.31.22 AM
I love my two in one steamer. It’s really easy to use and makes a big difference in not only my skin but also my hair. But the one annoying thing is that I bring the steamer to the living room to give myself a facial, but then I have to carry it back to my room to turn on the nanoe while I sleep. Maybe for some people they would just leave it in one place, but it’s important to use both functions. You can even give yourself total care by using the face steamer, then moisturize, followed by the nanoe. I do that when I am in real need of some skin care.  But I definitely do recommend this product. So tell me, what are some of your home facial secrets? I am dying to know.
ms fancy pants tokyo
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11 thoughts on “panasonic nanoe nano care EH SA60 p-pink ion two-way steamer review

  1. Hello! Thank you for your review 🙂 I just got a Nanoe steamer and I just wanted to check something with you. When you put it on the 2nd Function (room setting) is steam also supposed to be coming out of the lower vent like it does for the face steaming function? Just wondering if mine is broken because nothing comes out (except air) 🙂 Thanks so much!! ❤ ❤

    • Hi Snapplebonbon!! Thank you for reading my blog. Your nanoe steamer is NOT broken. There is steam that comes out of the lower vent but the molecules are so tiny that you cannot see them. Compared to steam from the facials, they are invisible. Rest assured, if you feel air coming out then its definitely working!! I thought it was broken or weird at first too. But after about 2 weeks I am sure you will be able to feel the difference in your skin and hair. Anyways how do you like the steam facial function? Hope this helps and enjoy your nanoe!

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing your reviews with us. Very helpful;-) I got the same one for myself too. I also noticed that only weak cool air is coming out. I could only feel it when i covered my fingers over the lower vent. Would that be supposed to be that way?

    • Hi ytran2014! Thanks for reading my blog! Sorry for the late response, I have been sick with a vicious cold. As for the nanoe function, yes the air is weak. I put it on my night stand and aim it at my face. If you use it regularly you will notice a difference in your skin and hair. How long have you used it for? I also have a panasonic nanoe air filter for my living room and house so I always use the nanoe everyday. Since it’s getting colder I really recommend it to save you from sore dry throats. I also use my face steamer more when I am sick. It actually helps me feel better and breather better. hahahah. It’s a very functional product! Hope this helps!

  3. Hi there! I’m really interested in the product but I’m wondering if the “SA 62” model is the latest. Do you know? And is Amazon the best place to purchase?

    • Hi Jasmine! Thank you for reading me blog. Where are you writing me from? In Japan there are newer models but if you live outside of Japan, they don’t sell the same exact products so I am not 100percent sure of the selection. When I bought this model it was the newest. I am sure there has to be newer models. If you live in Japan I would recommend going to an electronic store like Yamada Denki or BiC Camera but outside of Japan I think Amazon would probably have the best selection and prices. Hope this helps.

  4. Thank you for your quick response. I live in Salem, OR and amazon’s descriptions don’t really describe whether the (60) or (61) or (62) would be a newer model. Its very confusing! Ive been on amazon and pinterest to try and figure this out. America’s facial steamers are very basic lol. I would definitely get your model but for the price I’m trying to figure out the newer model and I’m guessing it is the SA 62. I’m so sorry for the trouble but can you verify that?

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