the hills are alive with the sound of snowboards!!

So Boo-chan and I decided that we were going to take a one day trip to…….(tah dah!!) to Nagano!!  Our friend, Higoonie decided to quit his job and live on the mountain to snowboard everyday for the next 2-3 months!! Higoonie and Boo-chan go way back,  they used to work together and have surfed and snowboarded together for over a decade and a half . So how fun is a snowboard trip to see our friend? Off to Nagano we went!!

1. Loading up the car….and yes its still dark and cold outside at 5:30am. 2. Boo-chan and Higoonie, early morning pic and the sun was quite blinding (a.k.a. squinty eye shot-hahhaah). This was our first time riding this year!

2013-02-06-12-23-32_deco DSC_1819

Since it was an early tuesday morning, the traffic wasn’t bad. I love random trips during the week bc it would have taken us a lot longer on the weekend. So we took the Kan-etsu Expressway (関越自動車道 kan-etsu jidoshado). For those of you who don’t know, the parking areas along the expressway are so convenient and nice.  In America, there is usually only a dirty public bathroom at the rest stops. but in Japan you don’t have to officially get off the expressway, they are attached to the roads. Of course, you will find clean restrooms, but you can also find things like starbucks, a gas stand, bread shop, restaurants, specialties from that area, plenty of vending machines that sell everything from drinks to soup to french fries, and souvenir shops. Okay, enough about that….

images 95c5e35239d55eb40b57cd360350103d

So we finally made it to X-Jam Takai-Fuji Ski and Snowboard Resort (x-jam 高井富士スキー場). I was sooo excited!! It was my first time here, but it thankfully wasn’t crowded or snowing, which means I was super happy!!! It was actually sunny the entire day and reminded me of snowboarding in Vegas (or spring boarding).

1. When you buy a pass for X-Jam 高井富士 Ski and Snowboard Resort you can use 3 other ski resorts which are all connected by many different lifts.There were so many runs!  2. The weather for our trip, love the sun (minus my panda face)!

002  Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 10.14.53 PM

1. X-Jam 高井富士 has one of the biggest snow parks in Nagano Prefecture including two half pipes. The park is filled with a variety of kickers, table tops, boxes, and rails.  2. Boo-chan hitting the pipe after 10 years…and yup he still gots it!!!! (that pic is crappy because the shutter on my cell either took the pics too fast or too slow. sucks)

bc01 2013-02-06-12-28-32_deco

The past couple of times Boo-chan and I went snowboarding there were huge storms. So I was loving the sunny snowboard sesh! The night before it snowed a little and rained so it was pretty icy. Most people love powder but I love ice!! Cuz that’s what I learned on. And I love hearing the sound when you carve and your edge digs into the ice!! While we were on one of the lifts it began to shake–we thought it was an earthquake at first but it was just an old lift that had a couple of really shaky poles….Didn’t ride on that one again after that. Definitely freaked me out. hahaha.

1. Boo-chan on the lift (you can see me tryin to take the pic in his goggles.) .2 Riding the lift to the snow park

   DSC_1824 DSC_1827

So after exploring a bunch or runs, and hitting the park, it was lunchtime–we all worked up an appetite. I like japanese resorts because they have things like ramen and curry on the menu. Since I didn’t have a big breakfast i decided i wanted to eat a lot. haha

1. There are 3 restaurants on the resort, a crepe shop and a junk food store. We had lunch at Restaurant Chante (レストラン シャンテ) 2. My big lunch-pork cutlet curry (かつカレー katsu curry) !!

2013-02-06-14-40-09_deco 2013-02-06-14-40-38_deco

After lunch we went on the other side of the mountain. The view was breathtaking!! But on the way up i could feel the curry in the back of my throat–eek. Although it was delish maybe it was too heavy to eat while snowboarding.


Today was super fun!! I forgot how much I like snowboarding!! I was once really into it when I was in high school, it even took me all the way to Austria and Switzerland. Def wanna go again soon if it’s sunny that is….oh and it was nice seeing Higoonie. Ladies–just to put this out there, he is single!!! hahahah. (hes gonna kill me. good thing he cant read English). oops… So I just realized that I was so into riding I didn’t really take any pics of me… on one of the last runs, I made sure I  at least got one. hahaha. so what winter sports activities are you doing?


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • X-Jam Takai-Fuji Ski and Snowboard Resort (X-Jam 高井富士スキー場)
  • 12713-94 Yomase, Yamanouchi, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture
  • Mon-Sun 08:15-17:00
  • 02-6933-6252

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