mon ami gabi cooking class

Since I totally started this blog late (maybe two years late), I want to incorporate “throwback thursdays”, where I can talk about something fun I did in the past… dig? It’s like instant time travel. tee hee hee.

So in the past couple of years,  I finally realized that I not only enjoy eating delicious food, but I actually like preparing it too. My parents had taken a trip out to Japan last November and while they were here I decided to surprise them with my home-cooking. They raved about my food, and my dad was actually really shocked-in a good way that is. So when I went home to Vegas in dec my mom surprised me with a cooking class at one of my favorite little french bistros Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris Hotel.

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 11.23.21 AM

Mon Ami Gabi, is set right on the strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) in front of the beautiful Bellagio Hotel–which means you can see the amazing water show as you eat. It reminds me of paris with its outdoor terrace seating, great for people watching. You can also find indoor seating as well.They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have a special brunch menu on the weekends. Reservations are a must or you might be waiting about 40 minutes or more. Here are some of my favs! 1. Escargots de Bourgogne  2. Sea Scallops 3. Gabi’s Fish & Frites

l2012-12-12-07-03-29_deco 2012-12-21-06-46-48_deco

Now, onto the cooking class with Executive Chef Partner Terry Lynch!!  It was held on a Saturday-Dec 8 from 10am-12pm in a private room off the main dining area. Me, my mama, and her two friends participated, along with about 25 other guests. We should have gotten there earlier, so unfortunately we didn’t have front row seats, but we did sit in the second row. Since December is filled with many parties, the theme of the cooking class was easy holiday hor d’oeuvres. We learned how to make 6 different hor d’oeuvres (some of which are on the regular menu).

1. Each seat had a recipe book and pen. The recipe book had all 6 recipes and  included places to write notes. Each cooking class has different recipes books, so they never overlap. 2. They also had never ending glasses of Marquis de la Tour Brut and Rose. You also had the option to make mimosas too. Nothing like drinking at 10am–oh and I love how they carded me before serving me any alcohol. hahaha.

DSC_1442 marquisDeLaTour marquisDeLaTourRose

Wasn’t too sure how this class was going to be. But basically Chef Terry had a cooking station in front of the room, and  showed us how to make these recipes one by one. He gave us pointers on how to cut corners (if needed), what substitutes to use, and where in Vegas you can buy certain products. Of course he didn’t follow the recipes exactly, so we took notes on little things he did to spice up the recipes. He also gave definitions of cooking terminology and utensils (very interesting and quiet helpful).

1. Chef Terry preparing the recipes in front of everyone. 2. Before, during, and after cooking he would come around to show off the ingredients, the processes of cooking and the after product. It was great to see, touch and smell some of the ingredients.

images images-1

The class definitely fills you up–make sure you come with an appetite. After Chef Terry finishes a recipe, waitresses brings small plates of it to each person. here are the finished products. 1. Dijon deviled quail eggs with black n’ orange topiko caviar  2. Smoked salmon, chile and cucumber on gaufrette chips


3. Steak tartare on toasted garlic butter baguette  4. Tuna and avocado tartare on homemade pepper crackers


5. Creamy brie cheese with truffled honey on crostini (sorry-ate it before I snapped up a pic)  6.  Mini new england lobster salad rolls- this one was my favorite. So delish!


The cooking class ended with cute little gift bags (forgot to take pics). We not only got the recipe books, but an apron, and a mini bottle of Marquis de la Tour Brut with plastic champagne flutes, and a $10 gift card to strip burger (Executive Chef Partner Terry Lynch). That was a super duper yummy cooking class–thanks mama!! Oh and I heard that Chef Terry also does other classes at El Sugundo Sol, the mexican restaurant where he is also Executive Chef Partner. Next time I’m in Vegas I definitely want to go to another cooking class. And of course if and when you are in Vegas go check out Mon Ami Gabi–it comes highly recommended!!

ms fancy pants tokyo & profiteroles (previous visit)


  • Mon Ami Gabi
  • 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89109
  • Paris Hotel
  • Mon-Thur, Sun 7:00-23:00
  • Fri-Sat 7:00-24:00
  • 1-702-944-4224

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