izumi garden tower outing

Yesterday, I did my good deed for the week–I found an iphone 5 on the train, and I turned it in to the station staff. If I ever lost my phone I would hope someone would turn my phone in….Anyways, Mr T and I decided to take a trip to Roppongi Ichome Station (六本木一丁目駅) to have lunch with the CS girls-MJ and RiRi!! They work in the beautiful Izumi Garden Tower (泉ガーデンタワー) which is conveniently connected to the station (南北線 namboku line). Somehow this week their lunch breaks didn’t match up so we had two back to back lunches–love it!!

Izumi Garden Tower is a 216m high rise building which opened in 2002. It has a high-end hotel, luxurious apartments, offices, a fitness center, shops and dining.

wardrobe check! WOOL CARDIGAN//J.Crew  ASYMMETRICAL CRYSTAL NECKLACE//J. Crew  PEPLUM TOP//Pure+Good (Anthropologie) PANTS//Uniqlo x Domani  WEDGE BOOTIES//Stuart Weitzman for Scoop


Mr T and I met up with MJ first. she looked really cute and professional. Since Mr T just got back from Thailand, I think he was still in ethic food mode, so we decided to eat Indonesian food. So we strolled on over to the 2nd floor and went to Wayang Bali (ワヤン バリ). It was crowded as all the office workers who work in Izumi Garden were rushing to eat lunch. But the wait wasn’t too long, maybe like 10-15 minutes. So we just chatted and time went by real quick.

1. Wayang Bali has authentic Indonesian food. The servers were also balinese.  It was a cute restaurant and had balinese music playing in the background.  2. Mr T and MJ checking out the lunch menu while we waited for our table. Looks like Mr T got a little sun in Phuket (but not enought–hahah).

2013-02-07-19-48-49_deco 2013-02-07-19-49-30_deco

1. MJ and I had the most popular dish, nasi goreng set (ナシ ゴレン セット) which was topped with a sunny side up egg, fried shrimp cracker  and came with a chicken satay covered in peanut sauce. It also came with soup and ice java tea. I was surprised the java tea wasn’t super sweet. They musta watered it down for Japanese people. Our nasi goreng was good but it wasn’t spicy,  I shoulda ordered the spicy one. 2. Mr T had the coconut curry/ jasmine rice set. which also came with soup and java tea. At first, I thought the portions were on the small side, but  by the time I was finished eating I was sooooo full!!

2013-02-07-17-47-13_deco sgu-300x193

MJ had to go back to work so we sadly said our good-byes. Good luck (頑張って ganbatte) at work!! Then Mr T and I patiently waited for round 2 of lunch. This meant dessert time, you know there’s always room for dessert (別ばら bestu bara)!! RiRi got out a little late, guess she’s super busy today. 1. She wanted Italian, so back to the second floor to Trattoria Italia (トラットリア イタリア).   2. Mr T patiently waiting for his dessert. They played all these old school jams on the radio and we were all singing and thinking of random 90s songs we missed!!

 DSC_1861  2013-02-07-13-39-10_deco

1. RiRi had the homemade meat lasagna-oops no pic. but heres RiRi and I (why do I have sleepy eyes?? hmmm) i guess the pizza there is supposedly really good and big. I’ll save that for the next time I actually eat there.  2. Mr T and I had the yummy creme brulee with a dab of vanilla ice cream on the side.

 2013-02-07-17-47-45_deco 2013-02-07-17-48-29_deco

 Oh, and I can’t forget–thank you Mr T for my Thai souvenirs (お土産 omiyage)!! Can’t wait to eat them!! Nori (seaweed) flavored cashews and dried mangos!


It was fun to venture out to a new area and see where the CS girls work at. Izumi Garden Tower is a gorgeous building! I also found out another one of my friends works in the same building. Maybe next time we will have 3 lunches. hahhaha. So after eating lunch and dessert I am about to explode. But in a happy good way. hahaha. So what is your favorite lunch time food? What kind of ethnic food do you prefer to eat?


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • Wayang Bali (ワヤン バリ)
  • 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 2F Izumi Garden Tower
  • Mon-Fri 11:00-23:00
  • Sat-Sun/Holiday 11:00-22:00
  • 03-5545-6895
  • .
  • Trattoria Italia (トラットリア イタリア)
  • 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 2F Izumi Garden Tower
  • Mon-Fri 11:00-22:30
  • Sat-Sun/Holiday 11:30-22:30
  • 03-3568-1645

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