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Have you ever felt the need to unbutton your pants right after you eat…..Well, that was me yesterday at lunch with my family friend. Usually we meet a couple times a year to catch up and share a great meal together. It had been awhile since we last met so I was excited to see her. This time we met in the west exit of Shinjuku (新宿西口 Shinjuku-Nishi Guchi) at Keio Department Store (京王百貨店 Keio Hyakkaten) on the 8th floor (8階レストラン街).

I love how every department store has at least one  restaurant floor. There are all different types of restaurants and food. They should have this type of floor in American departments stores too–its like a food court of sit-down restaurants. Most restaurants have special lunch set menus (even on the weekends).  It’s easy to check out the menus and decide where you would like to eat. Next time you are in Japan, I would encourage you to check it out!!

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Keio Department Store is known for catering to older clientele. While I was walking in the station to the department store I noticed many senior citizens heading in the same direction (this might also be because it’s friday at noon, all the other people are at work). However, in the elevator more then 70% of the passengers were over 65 years old. And I saw the same pattern in the restroom.

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Fashion check. Yesterday was very windy and the air was cold so that meant –casual style!!  WOOL CARDIGAN//J.Crew  CASHMERE SCARF//Etro  STACKED PLEATS PEPLUM TOP//Ric Rac (Anthropologie)  ALWAYS SKINNY JEANS//1969 Gap  STACKED-HEEL LEATHER ANKLE BOOTS// Marc by Marc Jacobs


We decided to eat at Le Bistro Shiseido (ル・ビストロ・資生堂), a casual french restaurant.  Luckily it wasn’t busy so the host took our coats and we were seated promptly. They also gave me a bag holder with their emblem on it to hang my bag from the table. It was very convenient.

Unknown Unknown-1

Every time I eat here I am always overwhelmed at all the pink in the room. The sofa seating, chairs and some table cloths are all pink and of course the menu is too! It’s very girly but when I looked to my right I saw a large group of business men eating happily (glad the pink didn’t intimidate them!).

 3119997v  DSC_1884

They have 3 different different lunch courses with the plates already decided. For some it might be ideal, but my friend and I wanted to choose our specific appetizer and main dish. So we ordered everything al a carte.  1. They served three types of bread with butter and rillettes. The waitress constantly asked if we would like more, it was great service.  2. For my appetizer, I ordered  the warm snow crab terrine with a bouillabaisse sauce (ズワイガニの温かいテリーヌ ブイヤベースソース) it was delicious!! i love how they used mashed potatoes to create the shape of the  bouillabaisse sauce. it was aesthetically pleasing.

320x320_rect_11812014 2013-02-08-19-58-18_deco

1.  For my main dish, I ordered the Japanese pork fillet with a tomato piccata portuguese sauce (国産豚フィレ肉のピカタ ポルチゲーズソース(トマトソース)).  The pork was so tender, and I loved the grilled veggies it came with. I thought the breading on the pork had a strong taste, which could have been lighter. But overall it was good 2. We finished off the meal with the dessert wagon (ワゴン デザート). They brought a cart filled with desserts and you could choose 3. I had tiramisu, short cake, and a creamy custard pudding. All three were very tasty, but the pudding was the best. When you dig into it with a spoon, the caramel sauce starts to fill the cup from the bottom.  It wasn’t too sweet, it was just right.

2013-02-08-19-59-34_deco 2013-02-08-19-59-09_deco

To end things, we continued to chat while drinking our hot tea. Since I was enjoying talking so much I totally didn’t realize how much I had eaten….and suddenly as we were walking out of the restaurant I felt extremely full.


All I can say is I’m glad its winter and we can layer clothes, so it’s easy to hide my stomach that was suddenly popping out (hahahaha)!  But I had a fun time talking and eating–two of my favorite things to do!! So the next time you are in Shinjuku and need a place to eat, I’d def try Le Bistro Shiseido. Where was the last place you had a relaxing yummy lunch at?


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  • Le Bistro Shiseido (ル・ビストロ・資生堂)
  • 1-1-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
  • 8F Keio Department Store Shinjuku Branch
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-22:00
  • 03-5321-8134

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