east coast vs west coast

When i hear east coast vs west coast I automatically think of Tupac and Biggie-hahaha…. But this is something totally different. While I was at the gym, the mag that I wanted to read was already taken so I decided to read the March edition of this Japanese mag called Classy. According to their website–it’s geared for conservative/feminine women in their late 20s and 30s. I definitely fall under the age category but the whole conservative/feminine part was uncertain. Anyways, along with my ipod this mag was going to help me get thru my 1 hour workout on the elliptical machine.


So I was flipping through the pages and saw something that was interesting….It was a 3 page spread about east coast guys vs west coast guys and their characteristic fashion sense. The weird thing was that it wasn’t about east coast-tokyo vs west coast-0saka, it was talking about the east coast and west coast of America. And it was showing how they wear denim differently on dates, and how girls should dress according to their style.


Let’s first begin with the paragraph between the guys. It reads:  I often hear that “Denim is Popular!” there is a wide range of denim styles. If you want your guy to like your denim style, first you must think about what style he is. So let’s classify the   east coast and west coast guy. We researched the denim looks that they want you to wear.


I haven’t thought about classifications of guys since high school. You know they have the jocks, the preppies, nerds, punks, stoners, loners, etc. It’s weird, even living and growing up in america i never thought “wow my guy is so west coast and your guy is east coast.” hahahha. It’s kinda funny. Anyways lets look at Classy mag’s classifications.

The token east coast boy: He has intellectual charm and is cleanly dressed.  He has black boston cell frame glasses, carries a canvas tote, wears a herringbone tweed 3 button blazer, oxford button down shirt with a tilden vest,  cotton chino pants that are casually rolled up, and cordovan loafers.


The token west coast boy: He loves his relaxed causal style and has a refreshing face. He wears a turquoise and feather charm necklace, a low gauge shawl collar cardigan, has multiple bracelets on his wrists (surfer’s day off fashion), wears 5 pocket corduroy pants and as an adult surfer he wears all black vans.


The descriptions are so stereotypical of the california surfer boy and the upper east side prep school boy. The magazine goes on to show pictures of how the guy might dress, and what the girl should wear to compliment his outfit.

1. The east coast date looks: Evoking sophistication to be in sync with your guy.  Style 1: Small colored items will boost your ambiance.  Style 2: Use the refreshing bluish-green as the main color, layering will help you look more grown up.

2. The west coast date looks: Continue to keep your feminine looks while matching his casual style.  Style 1: A loose striped shirt is compatible with his plaid shirt.  Style 2: A white monotone rich casual look will make him smile.

DSC_1983  DSC_1982

It’s strange to think about how to dress considering your date’s outfit. I know in fashion mags in America, they show what to wear on dates, or to the office but never in the sense of dressing to match your partner. I know this article will definitely effect the way Japanese ladies dress on casual style dates in the future. But what if your guy doesn’t fall into either category? Then how will you dress? It’s cute that they are so specific about how to dress to match your partner, but is having a similar look what you really want? I guess I never really thought about it. But it was definitely an interesting read. So what style does your partner have–west coast or east coast?? hahaha


ms fancy pants tokyo & my new favorite polish

Essie Miss Fancy Pants #809 (thank you Ree-O for the present!!)



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