kose clear turn coenzyme Q10 essence mask review // 10 minutes of happiness

Every night I end the day with an easy ritual– it’s my “10 minutes of happiness” that comes in this tiny little box. After I take a shower I put on a kose clear turn coenzyme (Q10) essence mask and either continue to dry my hair or sit in front of the tube and watch. During this time, my face soaks up the essence from the mask and becomes totally soft and moisturized!

First off, for those of you that don’t know Q10 is a great supplement that help to reduce the breakdown of collagen in your skin. It can diminish the fine wrinkles around the eyes, and reverse some of the signs of aging!! Sounds to good to be true,  right? But it really does work!! Here are some other products that contain Q10.

images-1 UnknownUnknown-1

You can buy kose clear turn essence masks at any drug store. But I prefer to buy they at matsu-kiyo (マツモト キヨシ matsumoto kiyoshi) or at ainz tulpe (アインズ & トルペ) because they sell them at discounted prices. for 30 masks you can purchase them between 550-800 yen (about $6-9 usd)! So one mask is roughly  18-27 yen a mask ($.20-.30)–super cheap!!


There are four types of essence masks. I am in the middle of using the Q10 one now. But I have used all of them and continue to use them in rotation.  1. The vitamin C essence mask is for whitening.  2. The collagen essence mask is for firm supple skin. 3. The hyaluronic acid essence mask is for moisturizing your skin.  4. Coenzyme (Q10) essence mask is for vibrant skin. I have used all of them and love them. I do feel the collagen masks seem a little slimy–but in a good way. And the vitamin C mask has the most essence inside. But I like to rotate and use them all.


The masks are neatly stacked and folded and kept in a resealable plastic box. Be sure to close the flap on the top to ensure that all the masks remain hydrated for all 30 uses. I have been using these masks for years, and I have never had them dry out on me.  So although the resealable flap doesn’t seem that effective, it has never disappointed me.

DSC_2114 DSC_2116

The mask runs big as there is only one size. Take one mask out of the box, unfold it and place it on your clean face. Adjust it to properly fit your face. I love these masks because they are full of essence and thankfully it doesn’t run down your neck as it has when I used other masks. I feel the mask is thick enough to hold the essence but thin enough for your skin to absorb it.


After 10 minutes I take the mask off. It’s still wet so I like to wipe my neck and decolletage area, and i also wipe the top of my hands (they say you can tell a ladies age by her hands–i dunno if that’s true but i try to take care of my hands too. hahaha).   My face feels rejuvenated and firmer from the 10 minutes of hydration!  I think you can definitely feel the immediate difference in the smooth texture of your skin, which will last the rest of the night/day depending on when use put on the mask.


Considering the cheap price of the masks, it’s easy to use them every night and I think it does its job of moisturizing my skin. I mean you can’t ask for miracles at that price.  While I am sure there are better masks that are pricier, i don’t have a lot of complaints here. In the summer, I like to stick them in the refrigerator. I do however put the box in a zip-lock bag so they don’t dry out. But it’s such a refreshing feeling to have a cold mask on your skin in the summer. I love these masks and have been using them forever!! although the are not the highest grade I feel they give my skin more moisture then putting on toner and lotion alone. So I am happy and I know my skin is too!! For a cheap way to get moisturized skin, I would definitely recommend these masks. So what masks do you like to use?


ms fancy pants tokyo



2 thoughts on “kose clear turn coenzyme Q10 essence mask review // 10 minutes of happiness

  1. I have tried the CoQ10 mask and love it. I am on the island of Okinawa, so I’m still searching for the economy size packs you posted. I buy the pack of three at the 100¥ / Daiso stores.

    • Hi Desiree. Thanks for reading my blog! I love the CoQ10 Masks too. You can but the ones in the economy packs at Matsumoto Kiyoshi or almost any drug store in Okinawa. If you show them the picture, I am sure they can show you where they are if if you can’t speak Japanese. I have never tried the ones at Daiso. But I highly recommend the ones from Kose. Hope this helps!

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