houston we have lift off….in the doctors office that is

So this is going to be a random weird post about my visit to the doctor recently…..But it’s not just any doctor, it’s for my ummmm (whisper) lady parts. tee hee hee. So in the past 11 years, I have been to some pretty well known ob/gyn (産婦人科 sanfujinka) in Japan. Obviously, I’m not writing this to share the contents of my appointment–cuz that would just be too personal hahhaha. I just want to share my very different experiences going there.

Somehow Japanese people love using the color pink, especially for the ladies. I get it, I get it, they think it’s cute and well ladies like cute things. So it came as no surprise that many doctor’s offices/women’s clinics were all decked out in pink from the carpet to their sofa seating, and even the walls. Here are some of examples:

images-3 images-1 images-4 images-2

1. I remember one clinic I went to in Shinjuku (新宿) had a policy of not letting men enter their facility–it was a women only clinic. It was actually quite strange because they had someone waiting at the entrance to tell couples that their partner must wait outside. Before entering that particular clinic you had to take off your shoes, and change into slippers.  2. Next you checked in at the reception and were given a number. From then on, instead of your name, you were called by number. I guess they were very serious about keeping the anonymity of their patients. But i felt like i was in a factory or something.

Unknown images-2

When I finally met the doc, we sat down in a room with just a desk and computer. In my head I was thinking, where are we doing this check-up at?  I was asked some questions and directed into the room next door. The nurse told me to just undress the lower half of my body. They also gave me a cute little pink towel (or sometimes white, depending on the place) to cover my privates when i sat down (very lady-like).

So, when I think of  Japan in general, I think high tech. From their automated toilets to robots, Japan is definitely a tech savvy country….But who would have thought that their chairs in the ob/gyn were going to be so state of the art??? It was literally like being in a space ship!! I was an astronaut that was being lifted up and raised back. And then my legs were spread apart automatically. If they weren’t opened enough the doc told the nurse to push the button to make them wider. it was so weird, I felt like I was on my 5th grade field trip to Kennedy Space Center.

dg-7000f images


The funny thing is, that this chair was not rare, they had them in all the clinics that i had been too. But i had never seen one of these in America. Anyways after i was in position, they pulled a curtain across my stomach to cover my face before the doctor entered.  I guess women are shy when it comes to their privates so they don’t want to make eye contact with the doctor. I am used to the docs in America who are having normal conversations with me, while I inquire “How does everything look down there”. hahahhah. In both of these pics you can see the curtain that is on the wall. once the patient is ready, it will be opened to cover the woman’s face and upper body.

images-1 r03

So after your check-up, the chair is then lowered back down,  you get dressed and go back into the doc office for consultation or any remarks from the doctor. It’s weird that they wait till you are face to face to actually give you the low down. Then you are finally done. It was like riding a ride in disneyland. Waiting to get on, getting some explanation, riding the ride, and finishing. So now you know what to expect at the doctors office in Japan. Any random stories you have to tell about your ob/gyn?


ms fancy pants tokyo & the “chair”



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