weekend lunching at 2031, desserts at hokkaido milk cafe

Yesterday i hit the gym in the morning again–hopefully this will somehow turn into a weekend habit. So after the gym I met Ree-O for lunch in  Kamiyamacho (神山町). There are so many different restaurants in Kamiyamacho which connects Yoyogi Hachiman (代々木八幡)/ Yoyogi Kouen (代々木公園) and Shibuya (渋谷). I have tried more than a few, but there are sooo many that I haven’t been to. So we decided to go to this Italian restaurant 2031 (ニーゼロサンイチ ni zero san ichi).

When asked what 2031 means, the waiter replied, the numbers are supposed to be popular amongst ladies. Sounded strange, and I have no idea how they would figure that one?? Anyways, the building is lined in stones. 1. In the winter it is a closed restaurant.  2. But in the summer, they open up the windows for terrace seating.

 2013-02-16-20-29-48_deco 320x320_rect_13550333

1. Inside it’s cozy. Renaissance artwork hangs on the walls and brings a warm atmosphere. 2. The lunch menu changes weekly. This week the set menu was a choice of three fresh pastas:an oil based pasta with bacon and chinese cabbage, a tomato based pasta with baby scallops and spinach, and a spicy arrabbiata based pasta with small shrimp.

264474  2013-02-16-22-49-14_deco

Ree-O and I both decided to get the arrabbiata lunch set. Included in the set for 900 yen (about $10 usd) was a salad and bread. For those super hungry patrons you can add more pasta for 100 yen more (about $1.10 usd).  If you would like to add a drink it’s also 100 yen more. You can choose from coffee, tea, orange juice or grapefruit juice. We both didn’t order a drink nor extra noodles, just the plain set.

1. The salad was bigger then I expected. Nice leafy greens topped with onions, shredded carrots and sprinkled with cheese  2. I was surprised that the pasta was “American size” (meaning big).  We didn’t even order extra noodles. I also thought they gave me a fair share of shrimp. they were a lot bigger then I had imagined too. The pasta was spicy and deliscious. It definitely had a little kick to it.

2013-02-16-20-28-01_deco 2013-02-16-20-28-38_deco

Overall lunch was great. I was amazed at how quickly the food came out and with the overall portion size. We decided to get out of there quickly as someone began to smoke (ick). In Japan usually at lunch time most restaurants are smoke-free,  unfortunately 2031 wasn’t. So we quickly paid and got the H outta there.

Since we both felt really full we decided to window shop in shibs (渋谷 shibuya) for a couple of hours. First we hit up 1. Tokyu Department Store (東急百貨店),  2. Don Quijote (ドンキホーテ), 3. Zara,  4. ABC Mart,  5. Asbee, and  6. finally Seibu Department Store (西武百貨店).

images 85c8346b8bf732c7208f0280fdaaa4f4afefc921_tn482x298

0526_zara_02m images-1

1150881249_photo 52015_17-01shibuya

After walking around for awhile we decided we needed a pick-me-up, a.k.a. it’s break time! And as we were already in Seibu we went to b2 floor to see where we could go. This is when we came across the Hokkaido Milk Cafe. Ree-O and I had seen this cafe before many times and never tried it, so we decided that today would be the day.

This cafe specializes in making delicious waffles and parfaits using Hokkaido Yotsuba Dairy Products. It also has cafe style food such hot sandwiches and rice bowls. The drinks include soft drinks, hot drinks, hot flavored cafe au laits, and various floats.

DSC_2165 DSC_2166

1.  Ree-O ordered the chestnut and Hokkaido azuki bean Japanese-style parfait (栗と道産あずき和風パフェ)  with a hot chocolate.  2. I had basically orded the same thing except with waffles- chestnut and Hokkaido azuki bean waffle (栗と道産あずきワッフル) and a hot almond au lait. The waffles were crunchy on the outside and so soft on the inside. It came with azuki beans which are Japanese sweet red beans, 3 sweet chestnuts, and Hokkaido milk flavored soft serve ice cream. It tasted like heaven!! My almond au lait was served in a big tea ceremony type bowl. It was huge to say the least. And there were plenty of almond slices in the drink. I tasted it  before eating my waffles to check the taste. It was perfectly sweetened with almond syrup. It was nice, but after digging into my waffles the sweet taste disappeared since the waffles were sweeter.

2013-02-16-20-32-17_deco 2013-02-16-20-33-07_deco

Today I ate a lot of scrumptious food….But somehow I realized that I had eaten all the calories and then some that I burned off at the gym yesterday morning. Oops!! Anyways I guess there’s always another day at the gym. hahahaha. So what yummy things did you eat this weekend?


ms fancy pants tokyo & my gigantic almond au lait


  • 2031 (ニーゼロサンイチ)
  • 16-4 Kamiyamacho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 1F Villa Metropolis
  • Mon-Sun 11:45-24:00
  • 03-5790-9280
  • .
  • Hokkaido Milk Cafe
  • 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • B2F Seibu Shibuya
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-21:00
  • 03-3461-1744

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