Who Says You Cant Get Good Sushi Outside of Japan

Like so many people, I love sushi!! And it’s so funny that some of the best sushi I have eaten has been outside of Japan. One place I love is MOzen Bistro at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas. When I went back home in May I dined here twice, once with my parents and again with Boo-chan (it’s throwback thursday time!!).

The Mandarin Oriental is a 47-storey luxurious hotel situated at the entrance of CityCenter . It opened December 2009, and has over 392 rooms and suites.  MOzen Bistro is located on the 3rd floor.  The menu has a mixture of Asian delicacies from Thailand, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea and even includes some American favorites. It’s opened for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and has a great brunch on the weekends. It also has an exquisite sushi bar.

 1 . The relaxing ambiance of MOzen Bistro compliments the beautiful decor and impeccable service, which creates a great dining experience. 2.  We sat at the sushi bar–because my dad and I craved sushi. My mom wasn’t in the mood for sushi so she had ordered the North Indian Lamb Shank Curry. The curry was served with steamed basmati rice, lentils and naan bread.  It looked, smelled, and tasted divine (I couldn’t resist having a bite)!


1. The sushi chef was excellent, and by far the best in Las Vegas! Arigato Kats-san!! We order a variety of delectable treats -mostly nigiri sushi. I was so busy eating, I only took pics of my favorites (that and my dad was getting annoyed with me snappin so many pictures–haha)!  2. King Crab and  Scallop Nigiri! The king crab was succulent and fresh. The scallop was delish. I had never eaten it like that–served with green onion, ra-yu (chilli oil) and aioli.

2013-02-21-14-00-22_deco 2013-02-21-14-02-15_deco 2013-02-21-14-01-18_deco

1. O-Toro (fatty tuna belly)  It melted in my mouth! Perfection! 2. Chu-Toro (fatty tuna belly) and Maguro (big eye tuna)

 2013-02-21-14-00-59_deco 2013-02-21-14-00-42_deco

The next two were superb!! 1. Uni (Sea Urchin) Nigiri. I love fresh uni!! It tastes sweet as it dissolves in your mouth.    2.Uni (Sea Urchin) on top of Amaebi (Raw Sweet Shrimp). Both uni and amaebi are sweet in different ways–nutty sweet versus creamy sweet. But together they make for a great combination.

2013-02-21-14-01-34_deco 2013-02-21-14-02-39_deco

Since I was back in the states, I wanted to order rolled sushi since I really can’t find the same in Tokyo (I actually never really ever order these things, but I decided I’m here, so why not.).  1. I decided on the spicy tuna roll (chopped big eye tuna, blended with chili and aioli). It had been a while since I last ate this type of rolled sushi and it tasted refreshingly great!  2. Besides sushi, I also enjoyed hiyayakko (cold tofu).  It looked beautiful and tasted silky with a hint of garlic and spice.

DSC_0200 2013-02-21-14-03-45_deco

I love this sushi bar–it exceeded all expectations! We received the best service and literally ate the best sushi in Las Vegas!! I definitely recommend eating here for the locals and those visiting. Unfortunately, both times I came here, I never saved room for dessert. Next time I will definitely order one! I also want to come to brunch here sometime–have only heard good things.  So where are your favorite sushi places? And whats you favorite nigiri or roll?

ms fancy pants tokyo

  • MOzen Bistro
  • 3752 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89158
  • 3F Mandarin Oriental
  • 888- 881-9367

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