paella and strawberry millefeuille

iYesterday was “Fatty Girl Friday “–meaning time to eat more tantalizing food (well actually that might be everyday for me)!! hahahah. Had a fun lunch date with Nancy in Shibs (渋谷 Shibuya) and we went to Hikarie (渋谷ヒカリエ) again (last time we came here too). We decided we want to try all the cafes and restaurants here–obviously there’s over 30 places so it’s a work in progress. As we were both starving, it was hard to choose a place looking at all the restaurants on dining 6 and table 7 (6th and 7th floor). We finally decided on Bar Espanol La Bodega (バル エスパニョール ラ・ボデガ) on the 7th floor.

1.  The entrace of the La Bodega looks like a typical spanish tapas bar with its wooden fixtures and bottles of wine lining the walls.  2.  There were many  jamones iberico or cured ham hanging from the ceilings. It was interesting to see that under each pig leg there was a white plastic cup to catch the oil that dripped down (guess that means they were real). To get to the dining area, you walk through the petite bar area.

 DSC00810 DSC_2283

1.  The back side of the dining hall had large windows which were covered with thin white curtains and filled the restaurant with sunshine. Brilliant colored spanish tiles were laid in patterns that covered the pillars, walls and  floors. 2.  From the high ceiling hung large shade chandeliers and there was also a large mirror hanging on the wall which helped to open up the space. The wood decor seemed antique and helped to create a very relaxed atmosphere.

DSC_2274 2013-02-22-18-54-31_deco

1. It had been awhile since I last ate spanish food, so I was excited. We were both in the mood of paella (パエリャ ランチ). It brought back fond memories when Mr T and I were in Barcelona one summer. 2. All the lunches came with a small tapas plate (タパス 盛り合わせ) and on weekdays it comes with a drink–yay it was Friday so we both ordered ice teas! The tapas plate included a tortilla de patata (ジャガイモのトルティージャ spanish potato omelet), slices of iberico pork salami (イベリコ豚サラミ), a mini salad topped with a smoked anchovy (スペイン産スモークアンチョビ), and spanish tomato barley risotto (パプリカ風味の大麦).

DSC_2276 DSC_2279

1.  I ordered the paella temporada (季節のおすすめパエリャ seasonal paella). It had two different types of beans and sausages.  2. Nancy and her paella de marisco (魚介のパエリャ seafood paella). Both paellas were served with lemon wedges and garlic mayonnaise. They were definitely tasty!  3. Nancy is soooo cute! We finished eating and chatted a little bit more while our stomachs settled, then we headed to get tea and cake (in the same building of course).

2013-02-22-18-55-47_deco DSC_2281DSC_2282

We decided to go to the 4th floor which is actually a fashion floor–so we were tempted to shop, but went straight to Harbs (ハーブズ), a cute little cafe that serves the most amazing cakes! Harbs is in the very back of the 4th floor, so you would think many people would miss it, but there was a short wait. On the weekends the line can get rather long.

1.  Harbs creates “cakes that can fill your heart with happiness”.  2. Infront of their cafe, they sell their cakes (take-out).  It was only around 4pm and many cakes were almost sold out, or close to it–this is proof of their popularity.

320x320_rect_12945522 DSC_2284

1.  The cafe is simple in decor but has a very cozy atmosphere. I did think that the tables on the left hand side were too close together. But it’s Japan, what can you expect.  2. Now it’s strawberry season and the cake menu has 14 different cakes. The White Chocolate Cake was seasonal and ends on White Day (March 14) and the Sakura Cake will begin to sell on March 15. So actually there were only 13 cakes to choose from.

2013-02-22-18-57-21_deco DSC_2288

1. Nancy and I were both kinda full from our paella lunch so we decided to split the Strawberry Millefeuille. Yes, these cakes are big or Japanese people like to say  “American size”!! It wouldn’t even stand on its own so, they turned it on its side. Inside was whipped cream and custard in between layers of flaky crust. The fresh strawberries were ripe and perfectly sweet!  2. You can’t eat cake without a tea or coffee, so we decided to order tea. I wanted to try the cherry tea (さくらんぼ sakuranbo), and I recommended the coconut tea (ココナッツ) to Nancy.

2013-02-22-15-57-48_deco 2013-02-22-18-56-45_deco

Both the sakura tea and coconut tea had pungent sweet aromas. You can drink the coconut tea straight or with milk. I personally like it better with milk–Nancy tried both ways. 1. I drank my cherry Darjeeling tea straight. The cherry tea was an original tea made by harbs, I was fond of it. 2. My tea and cake!

DSC_2290 DSC_2295

Had an enjoyable time hanging out and devouring our mouthwatering food with Nancy! Loved chatting as always. So when was the last time you ate really good food? or cake for that matter?


ms fancy pants tokyo & a pear millefeuille (seasonal cake from a prior visit)


  • Bar Espanol La Bodega (バル エスパニョール ラ・ボデガ)
  • 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • 7F Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs
  • Mon-Thurs, Sun 11:00-23:00
  • Fri-Sat, Day Before National Holidays 11:00-04:00
  • 03-6434-1480
  • .
  •  Harbs (ハーブズ)
  • 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • 4F Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs
  • Mon-Sun 10:00-21:00
  • 03-6434-1678

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