it’s soba-licious time!

Somehow, I am sick again (ugh)…..Or I just got allergies all of a sudden. It can only be one or the other, so I am hoping and praying that I am sick (weird right), because I really REALLY don’t want to deal with allergies all spring. It’s so hard to tell which one it is, but I’ll pretend I am sick for the time being. So when I am sick, my “go to food” is usually Vietnamese pho at this restaurant in the hood or I make myself my delicioso ginger chicken soup at home. But for some reason I was craving soba, and well soba is healthy, so it might just be my new “go to food” when I am sick.  So for lunch, Boo-chan and I high-tailed it to soba house Ohnoya Tomigaya (そば處 大野屋 富ヶ谷店) in our neighborhood yesterday.

1. For those of you who are wondering, soba (そば/蕎麦) in Japanese means buckwheat. But most people recognize soba as thinly cut noodles made from buckwheat flour.  2. Soba noodles can be served hot in a broth or  cold with a dipping sauce. FYI it can assist with weight-loss (YES!) and has many health benefits.

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Ohnoya was established in 1948.  1. The main shop is located just around the corner in Moto-Yoyogi Cho (元代々木町). Both shops are deeply rooted in their respective local areas. The appearance and atmosphere of both restaurants are different. 2.  Ohnoya Tomigaya (the one we went to) is closer to both Yoyogi Hachiman Station and Yoyogi Kouen Station (代々木八幡駅/代々木公園駅). It’s opened for lunch Monday thru Saturday from 11:20-15:00, and dinner from Monday thru Friday 17:30-22:30. Saturday dinner, Sundays and National Holidays are closed.

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I have been here a few times for lunch and always find that it is really crowded. Usually all seats are full, but the turn around time is very quick, because the majority of customers are men. And men eat quickly and leave.  So even if there is a wait, it’s probably no more than 10 minutes.

So why are there so many men in this joint? Of course women like soba too, but the lunch portions are rather large and leave men feeling satisfied. Lets take a look a the menus (apologies for the glare, they are in plastic stands on the table). 1. A la Carte Menu. There is cold and hot soba or udon with a variety of toppings and rice bowls.  2. Soba and Rice Bowl Set Menu. For a tad bit more, you can pair your soba or udon with small rice bowls, such as curry, oyakodon (chicken and egg), tanukidon, natto don, negi toro don (fatty tuna with onions) , maguro don (tuna), and katsu don (pork cutlet with egg). Which means a happy full stomach! You can also get a full order of rice bowls with a small soba.

2013-02-21-19-10-09_deco 2013-02-21-19-09-50_deco

1. I had the One rank up-Tempura Soba (天ぷらそばー上 jyo), which means shrimp tempura. Everything is served on wooden trays. The shrimps were large and the sides that weren’t exposed to the broth were still crispy. It was decorated with spinach and pieces of kamaboko (fish cake) cut in a crown-like shape.  The broth was simple, just what the doctor ordered! 2. Boo-chan had the Roasted Duck Soba (本鴨南ばんそば hon kamo nanban soba). Since I was sick I didn’t try Boo-chan’s soba. But the roasted duck looked good, it was served with cut Japanese long onions/white onions (長ネギ).  It also came with a small bowl of rice.

2013-02-21-19-08-07_deco 2013-02-21-19-08-32_deco

After eating, I felt warm. My nose began to run again, probably because I just ate hot soup. While we dined there many customers came in and out. I did however see a couple of women come in solo to eat. I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of the inside of the restaurant, because it was just too crowded with people coming and leaving, not to mention the waitresses running trays of food out and clearing tables.

To sum up the interior I would say dark brown stained wood. It matched the appearance of the entrance and felt antique. It was clean and more upscale then your regular soba shop, especially because it serves a variety of Japanese sake and alcohol. Ohnoya continues the tradition of “drinking at the soba shop” (そば屋で飲む) held from the Edo Period.

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I like eating soba noodles. When I first moved to Japan, I thought it was strange and rude to slurp up my noodles (authentic way of eating). But now I feel it’s a must!! So be sure to slurp your noodles too–hahaha. What type of noodles do you like to eat? Anything in particular?


ms fancy pants tokyo & katsu-don/cold mori soba set (prior visit)


  • Soba House Ohnoya Tomigaya (そば處 大野屋 富ヶ谷店)
  • Lunch: Mon-Sat 11:20-15:00
  • Dinner: Mon-Fri 17:30-22:30.
  • Saturday dinner, Sundays and National Holidays are closed.
  • 03-3467-7514

8 thoughts on “it’s soba-licious time!

  1. I am totally going to try out the one in Motoyoyogicho which should be just around the corner from me! However, I’m more intrigued by the Vietnamese pho you have found. I’ve been looking for decent pho in the Yoyogi-uehara area for a while now. Do you happen to have the address?

    • So this might be a little disappointing–the pho that I love isn’t at a Vietnamese restaurant it’s at Tomigaya Terrace (1-14-13 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo). They serve all types of food there including a pho that I can vouch for. It’s part of their lunch menu which changes weekly. I have tried the steamed chicken pho and beef pho. It’s actually really good. Food in general at lunch and at night is pretty good. Try it and lemme know what you think.

      PS I don’t know of a good Vietnamese but I do know a great Thai place, Soi 7 (1-3-7 Yoyogi-Uehara, Shibuya-ku Tokyo)

      • Thanks for the tips! I will definitely check out Tomigaya Terrace. I feel like there are new places to check out every time I step out the door here. I’ve been to Soi 7 a few times now and love their Pad Thai.

        Have you found the little hidden donut shop by Yoyogi-Uehara station yet? Who knew? Harrits
        (〒151-0064 1-34-2 Yoyogi-Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). If you blink you’ll miss it because it’s on a side street and there are no signs yet super popular as most of their donuts are sold out by early afternoon.

  2. Have walked by these soba shops as well as Tomigaya Terrice about 100x. Will have to check them out after finding your blog. Thanks.

    • Hi Samantha! Thanks for reading my blog. Do you live in the neighborhood?? So many good eats between Yoyogi Hachiman and Yoyogi Uehara and also waking towards Shibuya! You should definitely try them. I’m trying to hit every restaurant in the neighborhood but it’s taking a while. Hahaha. Tell me how you like them.

      • So we went here a few weeks ago and it was indeed yummy. We do live in the neighborhood but we don’t really speak Japanese so it always takes awhile to try a new place. The owner (I believe he is) spoke pretty good English and had an English menu. He’s also certified in tasting wine from California, I’m not sure of its officially at a sommelier level, as well as keeps an impressive stock of tequilas. We don’t drink tequila but, nor does wine pair well with soba, but it was quite fun and interesting facts about him.

        We tried a new place this past week, Ukibukuro, and when looking up information about it after we got home saw that you had an entry about it as well. Walked by that place a dozen times as well always too scared to go in. Finally had dinner there with our lack of reading skills and very limited speaking and it was great. Hubs loves sake so I’m sure we will frequently eat there. Anyhow, again, thanks for your posts.

      • Hi Samantha.Thank you for reading my blog. Ever since I had my baby, I have been solo bad with updating it. I love Ukibukuro. You must live in the same neighborhood as me. There are so many good restaurants, here are some suggestions if you haven’t already been, Saru Seafood Bistro (Best to call for reservations), En Boca (awesome pizza, need reservations, a little hard to find), Luccanalu (great pizza and wine selection and in michelin books), Soi 7 Thai , for more cafe style Tomigaya terrace, Bondi Cafe, Six Stories, & Fireking. Fuku (Yakitori, need reservations) and the Cristiano’s Portugese. Sorry if i have bombarded you with suggestions. I will update more often! If you need any suggestions just ask.

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