late lunch at the sweet dynasty (糖朝 tou chou)

Yesterday I planned to have a late lunch with Ree-O. One of our favorite cafes was doing a pop up shop of foie gras ramen. It sounded interesting but by the time we got there, it was all sold out…. 1. So sad, but we got to eat great Chinese instead at The Sweets Dynasty (糖朝 Tou Chou) in Aoyama (青山)! The Sweet Dynasty is very popular and usually has lines, but since it was late in the afternoon we were seated quickly. The interior was very modern and had a pleasant atmosphere.

2013-02-24-22-23-37_deco DSC_2333

Ree-O and I both ordered the Hong Kong noodles with shrimp filled wontons. The broth was flavorful and the shrimp inside the wontons were plump and juicy. The thin noodles matched the large wontons and the soup was decorated with bok choy. I ordered mine as a set which came with today’s appetizer- a mini eggroll that was already flavored (no need for soy sauce) and mini salad to match. It was paired with jasmine tea of course!

2013-02-24-15-06-26_deco 2013-02-24-15-05-22_deco

After the many cups of jasmine tea and the hot soup, my body felt warm and satisfied (still trying to shake this cold).  1. The dim sum set (セット点心) also came with the 3 assorted shumai (シューマイ3種盛り) with crab and shrimp. It took a little more time to prepare because they needed to be steamed, but they were well worth the wait!!  2. Ree-O had ordered 3 steamed shrimp dumplings (蝦蒸し餃子). She was having a shrimp day yesterday-shrimp shrimp shrimp!!

2013-02-24-22-20-32_deco 1998119

To end this fabulous meal we ordered mouthwatering desserts (duh)! My set included a variety of desserts to choose from.  1. I chose the sweet tofu pudding with almond flavored syrup (豆腐花の杏仁汁粉がけ). It was cold, sweet and delectable. I have had it served warm before, but I think it tastes better chilled. It was sweet but not overly sweet. 2. You can see the layers of tofu.   3. Ree-O had the The Sweet Dynasty’s famous mango pudding (糖朝特製マンゴプリン). She let me snag a bite. It was so creamy and luscious and it had chunks of real mango inside of it. We both devoured our desserts!

2013-02-24-22-20-59_deco 2013-02-24-22-22-11_deco


I love eating chinese food especially when they have awesome desserts!!  And I love drinking jasmine tea while I eat because it’s a powerful antioxidant, it promotes weight loss AND helps you absorb less fat and cholesterol–definitely a plus!  So somehow I feel kinda guiltless eating all this delicious food cause I was drinking my tea! hahahah. So what type of Chinese food do you love?


ms fancy pants tokyo (yes, I’m still sick…)


  • The Sweet Dynasty (糖朝 Tou Chou)
  • Kita-Aoyama 3-5-14, Minato-ku  Tokyo
  • Mon-Sun 11am-10pm
  • 03-5786-1555

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