review: Kose Seikisho Pure Brightener

Last night I wanted to prep my face for my date with Boo-chan today.  I use a ton of skin care products to try and keep my face looking refreshed, moisturized and young. So I decided to use my Kose Seikisho Pure Brightener (massage gel) this time. I like to use this gel to remove the impurities from my pores and exfoliate my skin to create a brighter cleaner complexion!


How to use: (after cleansing your face) 1. Squeeze an appropriate amount of massage gel into your hands (approximately the size of a cherry).  2. Massage the black gel into your face, avoiding the areas around your eyes and lips.  The black gel will turn gray in color indicating the exfoliation is complete (was too into massaging my face, I forgot to snap a pic when it turned grey). Thoroughly wash your face with water.

2013-02-25-22-37-04_deco 2013-02-25-22-37-32_deco

First things first, when you open the bottle, there is a slight smell. It however, doesn’t bother me at all.  It’s hard to pinpoint what it smells like exactly, and I haven’t quite come up with a good description. Anyways, the gel contains tiny scrub particles which heat up within seconds of contact with your skin. The heat helps open pores, to not only remove dead skin cells but to take away any debris that was embedded in your skin. I feel my skin even tingles a little during the massage process. And even after you wash off the gel, your face still feels warm. (I did follow with my regular skin care routine after-toner and lotion)

This morning I find my skin still looks bright and luminous!! It also feels very soft too. This is recommended for all skin types, and should be used 2-3 times a week as needed. I like to think my makeup is easier to put on, and my pores appear to be smaller after all that gunk was removed. It’s a beauty must-have! So what types of scrubs do you like to use?


ms fancy pants tokyo & kose seikisho pure brightener



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