lunch @kan no daitokoro

**UPDATE** This restaurant in Shibuya has closed on February 28, 2014. There is another branch in Shibuya that you can visit please check here. I have also been to this location many times.

I love to work out. And after working out, my friends and I  have built up this ferocious appetite and have somehow justified eating Korean BBQ (焼き肉) for its “protein” content–wink wink. We enjoy going to Kan No Daitokoro (韓の台所 渋谷公園通り店), its a great treat after our workouts, but I guess it defeats the purpose of working out. hahaha.

Riri and I pre-workout–happy and ready to sweat it out!

Kan No Daitokoro is a big restaurant. Unfortunately, during lunch time they allow smoking, but lucky for us we could be seated in the non-smoking section.  You can see they have a nice colorful array of vegetables in the salad bar.

1. The lunch menu is simple: MEAT, MEAT, and more MEAT!!!  The meat set lunches are served with an unlimited salad bar, drinks, dessert, rice and soup. 2. But don’t worry, they also have rice dishes and noodles too. They are also served with  unlimited salad bar, drinks, dessert, a half order of your choice of meat and soup.
2014-01-09-22-18-23_deco IMG_2637

After visiting many times,  I still have yet to snap a good pic of the salad bar. I think I am always so hungry that I never realize my pic is blurry. I go into food coma state. Sorry!  Haha 1. There is a small selection of cold pasta noodles and potato salad, many fresh veggies to choose from, crisp salad and a fruit yogurt dish and chocolate covered bananas for dessert.  2. My pickings

2014-01-09-22-17-39_deco 2014-01-09-22-16-52_deco


1. I ordered the Manpuku (満腹、Get Full) Lunch Set–which has 150g of Boneless Short Ribs (カルビ, Kalbi)! 2. Riri had the bibimbap set lunch with a half order of boneless short ribs

2014-01-09-22-14-33_deco IMG_2642

1. Close up of my meat- Boneless Short Ribs ! 2. From another time–Skirt steak (ハラミ) and Boneless Short Ribs. Both plates of meat are seasoned with a sweet sauce called tare. Then you just put them on the personal grill in the center of the table and wait for them to brown.

2014-01-09-22-16-04_deco 2014-01-09-22-15-16_deco

1. For those of you who don’t know what Bibimbap, it’s a hot iron bowl heated with oil and has white rice, many veggies and an egg on top. To give it a hint of spiciness you can add gochujang sauce.  2. Then you mix up the rice with the veggies and press it against the hot walls of the bowl. Once it forms a crispy outer layer its ready to eat! So delicious.
IMG_2639 IMG_2641

I love eating lunch here because we can get our fix of veggies and protein. All the meat could be less fatty. But whose looking anyways. If you are hungry and definitely want to be satisfied I would recommend eating her! What do you like to eat post workout? Eating healthy or treating yourself to something fabulous?


ms fancy pants tokyo & my cross trainer (burning them kcals!!!)


  • Kan No Daitokoro (韓の台所 渋谷公園通り店)
  • 1-20-5 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 6F Navi Shibuya
  • Lunch  Mon-Sun 11:30-15:30
  • Dinner Mon-Fri 17:30-23:30, Sat 17:00-23:30,  Sun/Holiday 17:00-23:00
  • 03-5784-4550

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