dining at say cheese, casual beef kitchen

Yesterday was Ree-O’s birthday so that meant another yummy dinner to be had (tune in next week for throwback thursday)! We decided to keep it local and eat close to my house in Yoyogi Uehara (代々木上原). There are numerous cute cafes, trendy bars and spectacular restaurants in this neighborhood. You can find then on main streets, in back alleys and in places you would never think to look. Last night we decided on Say Cheese (セイ チーズ), a Casual Beef Kitchen (カジュアル ビーフ キッチン).

1. Say Cheese is a quick two minute walk from the station.  It’s a cozy little restaurant that seats 25, where you can enjoy slow conversations while eating delicious food 2. Its interior is modern with twist of casual sophistication. The wood decor creates a friendly atmosphere.

2013-02-28-15-31-40_deco DSC_2480

1. Today’s recommendations were neatly written on a framed chalkboard on the wall for all to see  2. The menu was rolled up in an empty tomato can and set aside with other condiments and the wine menu.

2013-02-28-15-32-55_deco 2013-02-28-15-33-34_deco

The restaurant was almost full, but luckily we sat at one of the larger tables in the front half of the restaurant. 1. The place setting was basic. The napkins were brown and utensils were metal with wood handles. 2. We decided to keep it alcohol free tonight so Ree-O ordered the House Lemonade which had large slices of lemons in the drink. I had Yuzu Tea with grated yuzu peels. We made a toast to Ree-O’s birthday!  Both of our drinks were light and refreshing! They were sweet with just the right amount of tang!

2013-02-28-15-32-12_deco 2013-02-28-15-33-53_deco

1. We started off with the Homemade Foccacia Bread. It was served warm with Toscana Olive Oil. We also asked for some balsamic vinegar (American style). This bread was simple yet delicious.  2. We proceeded with Camembert de Normandie cheese with raisins and slices of rye bread with nuts and raisins. The cheese had a milky sweet taste. When paired with the bread or raisins it was quite tasty.

2013-02-28-15-34-11_deco 2013-02-28-15-34-44_deco

1. We felt like eating some greens so we ordered the Nicois Salad. It was a rather large salad but a little on the salty side, probably because of the sardines. But it was filled with cherry tomatoes, potatoes, boiled eggs, black olives, tuna and sardines.  2. We also ordered the Scallop and Avocado Tartare which was served with french bread. There were plenty of sliced scallops mixed with the avocados. We also mixed it with garlic mayonnaise. This was good!

DSC_2467 DSC_2472

1. I love Indian samosas, so when I saw the Spicy Meat and Spinach Samosa I was intrigued. We ordered it and it took a little bit longer to prepare, but they came out crispy and hot.  2. They did have a spiciness to them–maybe mixed curry powder?? It tasted fantastic when the spinach, meat and cheese were eaten together.

DSC_2469 2013-02-28-15-35-32_deco

1. I’m not a fan of gizzards but Ree-O is, so we ordered the Chicken Gizzard Arrabbiata. It came out in pipping hot. The sauce wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be, but the gizzards tasted great in the arrabbiata sauce. I had never had them served like this, I have only eaten them deep fried.  2. We ended the meal with Gorgonzola Gnocchi. This was excellent. The gnocchi was the right texture, not to soft or hard. The creamy gorgonzola sauce had walnuts and red cabbage. The flavor wasn’t too strong, but very pungent and delish!

2013-02-28-15-35-51_deco DSC_2478

We couldn’t end the meal properly with out ordering desserts. 1. The most popular dessert was the warm apple pie with homemade ice cream and caramel sauce. The buttery pie crust was crispy and flaky and the apples were sandwiched in between layers of crust. The ice cream was not overly sweet and tasted just right. The caramel sauce added a pinch or bitterness which complimented the sweet ice cream. This was absolutely divine!  2. We also shared the Marquise Chocolat which is a fudge-like chocolate cake. It was served with vanilla ice cream and a berry sauce. It was very sweet but the ice cream and berry sauce mellowed out the richness.  They decorated the plate for Ree-O’s birthday. It was so cute.

2013-02-28-15-36-21_deco 2013-02-28-15-36-43_deco

There were sooooo many appetizing things on the menu. Unfortunately Ree-O is allergic to beef so we couldn’t order any beef dishes, I will save that for another visit. However, I was definitely satisfied with the dishes we did order, especially the homemade apple pie and ice cream! Ree-O and I had a long leisurely dinner filled with great conversation and good food. So what was the last sweet dish you ate recently?


ms fancy pants tokyo & the birthday girl (picture fail-tee hee hee)


  • Say Cheese, Casual Beef Kitchen
  • 3-2-2 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Kubota Bldg 1F
  • Dinner: Mon- Sun 17:00 – 24:00
    Lunch: Sat-Sun-Holidays 11:30 – 15:00
  • 03-5738-2265

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