girls lunch @ union square tokyo

RiRi received a special invitation for two to dine at Union Square Tokyo and decided to take me with there for lunch yesterday-YAY time for a fabulous girls lunch!! Union Sqaure Tokyo is in Midtown (六本木 Roppongi) and is modeled after Union Square Cafe in New York.  We arrived and our coats were taken (yesterday […]

silicone moisturizing mask

The other day, while I was waiting for my friend I decided to pop into the 100 yen store to kill time.  In Japan, the 100 yen store is frequented by ALL people, because it sells everything and anything. So while I was in there, I came across this Silicone Mositurizing Mask (シリコーン潤マスク) for sheet […]

yozakura and pizza!

I was feeling a little under the weather recently and needed to snap out of it, so yesterday Ree-O and I decided to do yozakura(夜桜), or look at cherry blossoms that were lit up around Tokyo Midtown (東京ミッドタウン). There is said to be over 150 Somei-Yoshino Cherry Trees (染井吉野) that are in full bloom around […]

lunch @ bistro le man

Yesterday I had a fab lunch with Mr T in Omotesando (表参道) at Bistro Le Man (ビストロ・ ル・ マン). When I left my house in the morning it was cloudy, but by the time lunch rolled around it was raining–ick. Although Bistro Le Man was a brisk walk from the station, I was craving their ebi […]

ton-chan time!!

Yesterday I was helping out at my friend’s work and then met Boo-chan and Hori-san for dinner in Shibs (渋谷 Shibuya) at Ton-chan (とんちゃん). We hadn’t been to Ton-chan in a long time, and it was Hori-san’s first time. Ton-chan specializes in samgyeopsal, and even thought it’s on the second floor it’s hard to miss […]