friday night = date night!!

It has been a long time since Boo-chan and I went on a date on Friday night, but luckily he got off work early yesterday. So we decided to do it American style–dinner and a movie (Japanese people don’t really watch movies-on average 2x a year)! And 2 is always better then 1 (couples that is), so we had a double date with our friends Mr T and Fee!!

Since we were going to the movies in Roppongi (六本木) we decided to eat dinner in the same neighborhood.  1. I love this Chinese joint in Ropps and it had been a while since we all went there, so it was off to Chinese Cafe 8 (中国茶房 8)!  It’s on the second floor so you just walk up the stairs and bam you are there.  2. It was Friday night so it was crowded!

IMG_0971_resize DSC_2501

Before I tell you about how wonderful the food is, let’s talk about the decor….If you look carefully at the wall in pic above, you might see some unusual things “bust-ing” out…..Yes, it is what you think it is….Cafe 8 has decorated their shop discreetly with specific “parts” of the human anatomy. If you aren’t paying attention, I guess you would never notice.

1. There is a mini shrine of 5 “golden members”. People make wishes and give money.  2. A large metal bell sits above the communal dining table with a special mallet to ring it.  3. Both male and female parts are scattered about.

DSC_2523 8c9b70fe-38d6-4397-b4e6-0c10a8842e9c


Going back to the food. Chinese Cafe 8 serves authentic Chinese food and specializes in Peking Duck!! There are over 300 dishes on the menu, 50 different appetizers, and 30 types of Chinese dumplings. It’s best to share many dishes family style.

1. To start we ordered 5 different types of Chinese Water Dumplings (水餃子): Spinach (ほうれん草),  Leeks (ニラ), Bamoboo (竹の子), Shrimp (エビ), and Scallops (帆立). There came out piping hot and were so tasty! Next we ate a fiery hot fried chicken dish. This was filled with whole chili peppers and spices galore. It definitely was a spicy sensation!

DSC_2505 DSC_2506

1. To calm the spiciness from the chicken, we ordered Shrimp and Mayonnaise (エビマヨ). It was served on a fried eggroll wrapper. It was surprisingly still crispy although a mayonnaise sauce covered the shrimp. 2. The Stir Fried Water Spinach with Garlic (空心菜とニンニク炒め) is one of my favorite veggie dishes and the most popular at Cafe 8.

2013-03-02-10-50-27_deco 2013-03-02-10-51-08_deco

1. I love Yaki Shoronpo, so we had to order it. It came out on a sizzling iron plate. They were heavenly!  2. We continued with the Fried Rice with Gomoku Sauce on top (五目あんかけチャーハン). This was my first time eating this here, and it definitely won’t be the last! It was so good, topped with a lot of veggies!

DSC_2514 2013-03-02-10-50-45_deco

1. We saved the best for last: Peking duck! It was divine. I forgot how much I like this dish. 2. The duck was tender and filled with flavor and the skin was crispy.  3. All the fixings to satisfying your appetite. Ordering this dish is an absolute must!


2013-03-02-10-51-36_deco DSC_2518

To end the meal, we ordered my favorite Chinese dessert, Sesame Balls (胡麻団子)! They came out hot, and tasted marvelous!


1. After the meal, we ran over to Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills to catch our 9:25pm movie. Unfortunately, movies come to Japan 6months-1 year after they are released in America–of course they do have world premieres but very rarely.  2. I love Toho Cinemas because I can pre-purchase our tickets and seats online. Then you get a confirmation code and print out the tickets on the VIT machines when you get to the theater. It very convenient, and you don’t have to worry about saving seats.

Roppongi3_zps292c4e00 photo5

1. When you walk into the movie theater, the smell of fresh caramel popcorn immediately hits your nose. So even though we were so full, we all got pair sets (ペアセット) which included one popcorn and two drinks–hahaha. The popcorn we ordered was half butter and half caramel (sweet and salty–yum!).  2. We were finally ready to watch the movie–Flight with Denzel Washington.

2013-03-02-18-27-20_deco MV5BMTUxMjI1OTMxNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjc3NTY1OA@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_

The movie was good, but the ending was kinda predictable as Boo-chan put it. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it. Date night was fun, and hopefully followed by another soon!! So what do you usually do on dates?


ms fancy pants tokyo & the golden mallet


  • Chinese Cafe 8 (中国茶房 8)
  • 3-2-13 Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 2F Court Annex Roppongi
  • Open 24hrs
  • 03-3713-2858
  • .
  • Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills
  • 6-10-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo
    Roppongi Hills–Keyakizaka Complex
  • 03-5775-6090

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