girls breakfast on girls’ day (hina matsuri)!!

Yesterday, March 3, was Girls’ Day, also known as Hina Matsuri (雛祭り) or the Doll’s Festival in Japan. It’s a special day to celebrate the health and happiness of girls. It’s customary to display dolls representing the Emperor and Empress from the Heian Period. As well as the musicians and attendants in traditional court dress.

1. The dolls are displayed on a 7 tier platform. The order of the dolls varies from area to area. 2. Some houses, only display the emperor and empress.  The dolls are displayed from mid February and should be taken down right after the festival. If taken down after March 4, it is said that it would delay your daughter’s marriage–so most mothers take it down in hopes their daughters will get married quickly..

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On this special day, each household celebrates with various food.  1. Shirozake (白酒) is the tradional drink, which is a sweet sake made from fermented rice.  2. They also eat Hishimochi (菱餅) which is a diamond shaped tri-colored (red, white and green) rice cake.  3. Girls also eat snacks such as colored hina-arare (rice rackers).

shirozake 50011-thumb-327x245-2556


4. They also eat chirashizushi (ちらし寿司) which means “scattered sushi”. It’s a bowl of sushi rice with colorful toppings of raw fish and various seafood, and  4. clam soup called ushio-jiru (潮汁).

p-wonderjapan-16-9 dsc09068

1. Since it was Girls’ Day, RiRi and I decided to have a girls breakfast at the famous Hawaiian pancake place, Eggs ‘n Things in Harajuku (原宿). We arrived around 9am,  gave them our name and unfortunately were told to come back at 9:30 to be seated (this restaurant is extremely popular!) At busy times people wait up to 3 hours–it’s ridiculous!  2. While we were trying to pass the time, we noticed that they had an all women 10k marathon race. We cheered on the women as they raced by.

DSC_2561 DSC_2557

1. Even though we came back at 9:30 we still had to wait in a line–about 30minutes. But the time went by quickly as chatted away.  2. We finally made it to the front and were seated inside, on the first floor.

DSC_2559 DSC_2565

1. I have never sat on the first floor. It was cozy and had a different atmosphere then the second floor.  2. I wanted something sweet and salty so I ordered sunny side up eggs and sausages. Instead of bread or potatoes, I chose 3 pancakes with whip cream. 3.  RiRi had strawberry pancakes with whip cream and macadamia nuts.  Love that mountain of whip cream!! 4. There were three types of syrups to put on the pancakes; maple, coconut and guava. The maple was normal, the coconut was delish and the guava was way too sweet.

DSC_2566 DSC_2573

  541446_10152606297485150_937828199_n DSC_2569

Breakfast was great, but I definitely couldn’t finish eating everything–it was way too much food.   It was a sweet breakfast, and tasted better then hishimochi or arare–hahaha. I actually wanted to make chirashizushi at my house but boo-chan doesn’t really like it and RiRi doesn’t like raw fish/seafood–oh well. Anyways hope everyone had a great Girls’ Day!


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • Eggs ‘n Things
  • 4-30-2 Jingumae, Shibuy-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Fri 9:00-22:30
  • Sat-Sun 8:00-22:30
  • 03-5775-5735

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