hole in the wall italian–restaurant vino

Last night I was in Yokohama with B00-chan and his family and we had a late night dinner. We couldn’t figure out what we wanted to eat, so Boo-chan’s dad suggested this hole in the wall Italian place behind the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium, called Restaurant Vino (レストラン ヴィーノ). It’s nice because it’s open really late–till 3am to be exact.

Boo-chan’s dad’s basically said everything on the menu was delicious, so I was definitely game! 1. The outside of the restaurant was simple.  2. When you walked inside it was very dimly lit–“moody” as they would say in Japanese. I like this type of atmosphere because it reminded me of restaurants in America. Most restaurants in Japan are bright, which doesn’t really create an atmosphere. The decor was old fashion yet cozy.

640x640_rect_7009564 vino

1. We first ordered and shared the crab salad.  The salad was mostly leafy greens mixed with some shredded cabbage and topped with sweet crab meat. The dressing was similar to thousand island and complimented the crab meat. Next, a small shrimp pizza (oops no pic) came out. It was covered with lots of shrimp,  had perfectly melted cheese and the tomato sauce had hints of garlic. I loved the crust of this pizza, it was thick and fluffy.  2. It had been awhile since I last ate Escargot so I was so excited! The garlic butter broth was divine.  It was so good, we ordered another one–hahah.

320x320_rect_9934915 DSC_2610

Boo-chan and I were in the mood for meat. I ordered the 350g sirloin steak–medium rare. It was served with fried garlic chips and 3 different sauces; miso sauce, garlic soy sauce and Japanese daikon with soy sauce  The steak melted in your mouth. My fav was the miso sauce with garlic chips. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat it all, so I shared.


 Boo-chan ordered the Jumbo Hamburg Steak topped with cheese. It was served with a demi glace sauc which complimented the cheese. The hamburg steak is made of 100% Sendai Wagyu Beef, and the patty is not mixed with onions. I had a bite, it was very tasty!DSC_2612

We were so full by the time we left. I’m glad we decided to go here. It’s always good to try those whole in the way places. You never know what delicious things wait for you to be discovered!! Where was the last whole in the wall you tried?


ms fancy pants tokyo & my escargot tongs (when I think of these Pretty Woman comes to mind)


  • Restaurant Vino (レストラン ヴィーノ)
  • 3-14-5 Furo-Cho, Naka-ku Yokohama
  • 1F Chugai Bldg
  • Tue-Sun 17:00-03:00
  • 045-664-0490

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