prom birthday party @ Pariya

So this weekend I was sooooo busy–sorry it took me a couple of days to finally post again. Anyways, Saturday night (Mar 9) was mine and Ree-O’s Prom-themed joint birthday party!! Yes, you heard right PROM!!! Who doesn’t love Prom?? Well to be exact, when I was in high school my ex-boyfriend and I had just broken up. And even though he had asked me to Prom, being the idiot I was, I said we don’t have to go–so I totally missed my Senior Prom….oops well I finally got to make it up last Saturday!

Our Prom was held at one of our favorite joints in Aoyama (青山), Pariya! (If you missed my small intro on Pariya you can check it our here) We rented it out from 8-11pm (but Prom committee setup began from 7pm)! We use this space a lot for parties so thankfully they are soooo flexible with us!!  1. They changed the white lights to pink bulbs to add ambiance, and we cleared out the tables in the front dinning area for the dance floor. We also decorated with pink balloons. 2. Since it was our joint birthday we  had 2 Prom Queens–Yay!!

735081_10151400124963449_2000082015_n 556929_10151293003071854_322186901_n

Fashion Check: DRESS//Alice + Olivia

 Black crepe sleeveless ballerina dress with a layered mesh skirt, beaded and embroidered embellishment on bodice with ostrich feather and cutout flower detail and a dropped waist.


 To start off, we had a buffet of delicious finger food, laid out on a long table in the back dining area–which were both sweet and savory. I love pistachio macarons, and the choco dipped strawberries were oh so divine!! I was in 7th heaven!! The finger food was excellent too! Everything was so bright and colorful it was such a beautiful looking spread!

540808_10151400121978449_1212189097_n 544308_10151400124888449_1686395230_n

Now on to the real food–which of course was all you can eat–yes!! 1. There were various meat and fish dishes.  2. Also veggie and salads too! It all came with rice and soup if desired (but I didn’t want to fill up on rice so didn’t order it)!!

485076_10151400122668449_905147576_n 313385_10151400122743449_322375314_n

1. To help wash things down, we had an open bar!! Yup all you can eat and drink–LOVE it!! But you can’t have a Prom with our punch, can you? 2. We searched Tokyo high and low, and finally found some Kool-Aid–tropical fruit punch,  served with your choice of  select alcohol! Malibu was my personal sweet favorite.

44392_879762507091_1899806275_n 555081_10151400122088449_1423981391_n

Pariya also has the best gelato ever (they used pink lights in the casing too–how cute)!! And they have mini sized cupcakes. Everything about this place tastes sooooo great!

417637_10151400125213449_698833022_n Unknown

1. In the back room (with the American Flag), we split it into two parts; one half was the cloak room and the other half we turned into a photo booth type area!! Ree-0 and I made DIY photo booth props and bought other fun things to use in the pics. You can’t have Prom with taking pics!

images-1 599072_10151400122193449_1390277843_n

Here are some pics of the guests in the photo area!

601977_436131989799691_414045571_n 625468_10151500347005339_1021163449_n

390176_4013049459670_1030336884_n 306168_10152648180605296_1413195393_n

486550_879762846411_1425057143_n 484803_10151400126843449_1520939434_n

 And what’s a party without cake? 1. All 60-something of our lovely friends serenaded us with Happy Birthday!  2. Paparazzi styles!  3. Ree-O and I did our cake American-O style, called from Costco (we had to go there to pick up the cake earlier that day–was an adventure)!! 2. Happy birthday Ree-O and to me!  4. Our cake was princessed out–kinda looks small but it’s a 1/2 sheet cake. It tasted better then I thought it would taste.

602026_10200726972285861_1215804199_n 625574_10151293003896854_1189439194_n

484342_10151400271678449_577996045_n 2013-03-12-00-31-33_deco

1. Of course we had to git our dance on! Needed to burn all that food I just ate–hahaha! (don’t have too many photos though cause I was too busy gitting my groove on.) Ree-O and I planned our the music to include jams from back in the day–remember Salt n Pepper- Push It, Montell Jordan- This is How We Do It, Sir Mix a Lot-Baby Got Back, Ginuwine-Pony (this is my jams), and much more! 2. Friends, friends and more friends!

487983_10151293004061854_1601679090_n 75090_10151293003476854_1843336527_n

It was a super fun night out!! I miss themed parties, I need to have more of these in the future–hahaha! So what kind of themed parties have you been to?


ms fancy pants tokyo & party in the U-S-A!!


  • Pariya 
  • 3-12-14 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 1F MAKO Kita-Aoyama Bldg
  • Mon-Sun 11:30-23:00
  • 03-3409-8468

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