lunch + snacks + walk + dinner = pure satisfaction!!

Yesterday the weather was so nice and beautiful. The sun was shining, the air was fresh and there was little wind. Boo-chan and I decided we would eat somewhere close to our house and take a nice leisurely walk, enjoying the great weather. There are so many restaurants and cafes between Yoyogi Hachiman (代々木八幡) and Yoyogi Uehara (代々木上原). We decided we would walk and check out places, until we found a place we wanted to try.

We walked for awhile and couldn’t decide on where to go. So we started to wander more into the Yoyogi Uehara neighborhood.


1. Finally we saw this cute bright pink restaurant on a back street called Furaibou (ふうらい坊).   2. There were tons of signs on the outside so it easily caught our attention.  The restaurant was even introduced on Moya Moya Samaazu (モヤモヤさまぁーず)–Japanese TV show.

 DSC_2755 Unknown

1. The restaurant was packed. After we were seated, more people came in so we were lucky to get our seats when we did.  2. The menu–was pretty simple and everything seemed to give small portions of a variety of food. All the sets included a large portion of rice and all you can drink miso soup, which was ton jiru (豚汁) or pork miso soup.

DSC_2752 DSC_2746

I order the mixed fry (ミックスフライ)–was in the mood for something unhealthy. I had fried shrimp (エビフライ), crab cream croquette (カニクリームコロッケ), fish fry (魚フライ), and a minced meat cutlet (メンチカツ). It also came with a salad. This was very tasty–esp the minced meat cutlet!  But you cant really go wrong with fried stuff. hahaha.


Boo-chan had the special combo (スペシャールコンビ) the cheese hamburg steak (チーズ ハンバーグ)、ginger pork (生姜焼き), fried shrimp (エビフライ) and a small salad.


There was sooo much food and we were stuffed by the time we were finished. As many people were waiting, we decided to leave. 1. We continued along with our walk and stopped in at Coffee & Doughnuts Haritts (ハリッツ). The last couple of times I came here, the doughnuts were sold out, so I was glad that we could eat some today. It’s in a very narrow street, and you could easily miss it if you weren’t paying attention. 2. They have a variety of doughnuts, but only had 3 types of doughnuts available- Sweet 65,  Marron and Cinnamon.

001c54122202d7ddb7523745ce52e3db 2013-03-13-09-21-06_deco

1. I had a Marron doughnut (マロン). It was smaller then the other doughnuts and wasn’t in the usual shape of a doughnut. It looked like a jelly filled doughnut.  2. When I bit into it there was a whole marron glace in the center (chestnut candied in a sugary syrup ). It was so fluffy and light, and tasted delish.

2013-03-13-09-02-56_deco 2013-03-13-09-03-35_deco

1. Boo-chan had the Sweet 65 doughnut.  2. It was coated with sugar and had chocolate in the center of the ring. It was very sweet. Boo-chan said it was okay, I think he likes krispy kreme better–hahahha!

2013-03-13-09-03-16_deco 2013-03-13-09-03-53_deco

1. We both ordered coffees too. I had an ice almond late (杏仁ラッテ).  Boo-chan got a cute little petite espresso macchiatto (エスプレソマキアート)–. I like my coffee sweet so it was soooo strong, had a sip. But Boo-chan liked it.  2. We sat inside and enjoyed our drinks and doughnuts. It was very calm in the dining area.

DSC_2761 DSC_2768

After drinking our coffees and eating out doughnuts we walked all over Uehara. Then around to Higashi Kitazawa (東北沢), Komaba (駒場) and back around to Yoyogi Hachiman (代々木八幡). We walked leisurely, and found many new restaurants we want to try. It’s fun to just explore the neighborhood, not worrying about  the time. We even found a big park that was hidden at the end of one of the small streets behind our house.

After our long walk, we relaxed at home. Then we decided to try this Napoli pizza place which is so close to my house. It always seems to be crowded, so I figured it was going to taste great! 1. Sorry my night shot you couldn’t see anything. it was too dark, so here is the restaurant in the day. It’s in the shape of a thing rectangle.


1. The inside is very small, with only two tables and a bar counter.  But they do have a large dome oven for the pizzas! The restaurant has a wide variety of wine and serves not only Italian food, but a mixture of French and Spanish too. 2. To start i ordered a Cassis Soda (カシスソーダ) and Boo-chan had white wine from italy (ラ・ナチューラ・インツォリア).

DSC_2780 DSC_2774

We began with a salad. I originally wanted this salad with red beets but it was sold out already, so they recommended this coriander fennel salad (パクチーとフェンネルのサラダ). I didn’t know what it was going to taste like, but I am sure glad that I ordered it. It was deliscious. It also had ginger slices in it. It had a refreshing taste. Boo-chan and I both liked it! (I know the pic is not a good representation, but it was excellent!)


Next we ordered a napoli style pizza- margherita mozzarella buffala (マルゲリータ ブッファラ). This was so good! I love buffalo cheese and the pizza crust was perfect. Boo-chan thought the crust was a little wet  but was still tasty. I want to try other pizzas in the future!


Last we had a couple more drinks and our cassoulet (カスレ) which was duck confit with braised sausage, white large kidney beans and pork. This was a tad bit salty on its own, so eating the duck and kidney beans together was a perfect match. The meat was so tender it literally fell of the bone. The sausage was home-made and had just the right amount of spice. In the end we dipped bread in the leftover sauce. Soooooo yummy!


Boo-chan and I were soooo stuffed, but we wanted to try more food, but couldn’t fit anything else in our tummies. Guess we will have save that for our next visit! I think this might be one of my new fav restaurant in the hood!

So yesterday was such a fun day–even though all I did was basically eat and eat, and oh yah eat . At least I got in some exercise on my walk. hahahha. So what devine things have you been eating recently?


ms fancy pants tokyo

  • Furaibou (ふうらい坊)
  • 1-35-9 Uehara, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sat 11:00-22:00
  • 03-3460-5514
  • .
  • Coffee & Doughnuts Haritts (ハリッツ)
  • 1-34-2 Uehara, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Tues-Fri 08:00-18:00
  • Sat/Holiday 11:00-18:00
  • 03-3466-0600
  • .
  • Luccanalu (ルカナル)
  • 1-7-2 Uehara, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Fri 18:00-02:00am
  • Sat-Sun, Holidays 17:00-24:00
  • 03-6804-9367

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