review: L’occitane Rose Petals Collection

It’s finally spring and the cherry blossoms are blooming!! I’m loving the warmer weather but hating what it does to my skin.  Definitely feels dryer then usual so its L’occitane en Provence to the rescue!! Thanks to Papillon I can pamper my lips, hands, and skin with the Limited Edition Rose Petals Collection!

I’ve been a big fan of L’occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream for a while now. I  walk around with the travel size in my purse, to lather my hands whenever needed. It does an excellent job of moisturizing without leaving them feeling greasy.  So I was excited to use the Rose Petals collection–which came with lip balm, hand cream and body cream.


The Shea Butter Rose Petals Lip Balm is made of 10% shea butter and 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origins. Since I love the hand creams, I thought this would be a sure thing. But when I first tried it, I honestly didn’t know what to think. I am used to the more solid waxy heavier type lip balms, and this was a lighter clear gel type one. At first, I thought it didn’t work at all, but as I used it more and more, I began to realize that it DOES nourish my dry lips, and makes them soft and supple!  However, it doesn’t smell like rose petals, which is totally fine with me. I still love my lip creams in a stick but this lip balm is definitely a keeper!

2013-03-23-11-35-26_deco 2013-03-23-11-35-47_deco

The Shea Butter Rose Petals Hand Cream is exactly like the original hand cream that I love, except it smells like sugar coated rose petals! When I first got this collection, I was worried I was going to hate it as I don’t really like the smell of roses. Rose scented things can be overwhelming with their fake strong smells,  but this was not only light in texture but light in scent. Perfect for me, because I don’t want to be overpowered by roses. My hands are left feeling smooth with no traces of oil.

2013-03-23-11-57-20_deco 2013-03-23-11-57-48_deco

The Shea Butter Rose Petals Ultra Rich Body Cream has a higher concentration of shea butter (25%), which is more than the hand cream and lip balm. It absorbs quickly and keeps your body hydrated ALL day long–its amazing!! The rose scent is delicate and light.  When you buy it, it comes sealed in a plastic container that fits in the tin. This rich cream does not disappoint with its ability to moisturize and of course it never feels greasy!! My new favorite cream!

2013-03-23-16-42-38_deco 2013-03-23-16-42-20_deco

I go through phases with L’occitane, but I am definitely hooked again. And my skin is probably happy about that! As they say in Japan, you can tell a woman’s age by her hands, so I better keep them well moisturized–hahaha! So what are your favorite hand and body creams?


ms fancy pants tokyo & my regular hand cream



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