park hyatt brunch @ new york grill

What can I say, I love New York Grill–it serves excellent food with some of the best views of Tokyo! So I have to say a big ARIGATO to Ree-O for taking me here for my birthday (sorry trying to back track from the week I missed).

New York Grill sits on the 52nd floor of Park Hyatt in Shinjuku (新宿).  For those who don’t know, its iconic bar gained fame after appearing in the movie Lost in Translation. To get the restaurant,  you ride in an elevator and walk past a restaurant or two and a library, then up another elevator, and then as the elevator doors open you are greeted with a fabulous view of Tokyo–the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings to be exact. The walls of this restaurant are head to toe windows, which provides the best views.

After our coats were taken, we were politely escorted to our seats, while enjoying the view of the city and walking by the open kitchen. Ree-O reserved window seats, which showed views of our neighbohood.  1. It was sunny, so the blinds were pulled down while we ate but we could still see outside. I could see my house from the restaurant!  2. The meal began with a glass of Roederer Estate Brut Sparkling Wine.

2013-03-25-20-59-59_deco DSC_2831

It was followed by a wonderful buffet with an array of seasonal appetizers.


2013-03-24-23-35-31_deco 2013-03-24-23-34-03_deco

My plate of delectable appetizers- smoked salmon, hummus, grilled chicken, roasted aspargus, cherry tomatoes with mozzarella, grilled and season enringi mushrooms, roast beef,  quiche, and snow peas and shrimp. (I might have gone for seconds–haha)


There are 5 different main dishes to choose from. Last time I was here I ordered the lamb, so I decided to order the Braised US Beef Chuck Roast,Truffle Oil Mashed Potatoes, Maple-Bourbon Glazed Root Vegetables.


The beef was so tender and tasty, it just fell apart when you touched it.


  Ree-O ordered the Slow Cooked Iwate Pork Loin, Chili Marmalade, Roasted Sweet Peppers, Lemony Chick Pea Puree. I have tried the pork before, and know how yummy it is!


And the meal did not end there. 1. I love this restaurant because it is separated into two sections the dining area, and the dessert area. 2. After our meal we were you taken to the other side, where we could appreciate a different view of the city.  3. We were also entertained by jazz musicians.

2013-03-24-23-33-02_deco 2013-03-25-20-59-34_deco


It was dessert time! But first I was given a gelato/sorbet concoction for my birthday. We also had our choice or coffee or tea. We both ordered peppermint teas. Then it was off to grab our mouthwatering desserts.


The dessert buffet was filled  with a sundae bar, variety of seasonal desserts, including cakes, tarts, brownies, cookies, and everything in between.


2013-03-24-23-34-33_deco 2013-03-24-23-34-50_deco

My divine dessert plate- apple pie with vanilla sauce, strawberry tart, financier, carrot cake (my fave), raw marshmallow, and white chocolate macadamia nut cookie.


3 hours of eating exquisite food and having enjoyable conversations equals one super happy very FULL girl!! As we were soooo stuffed, Ree-O and I decided to shop around a little, then walk back to my place–about a 25 minute walk. It felt good to walk around while our food digests. So where do enjoy getting Sunday brunch?


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • New York Grill
  • 3-7-1- Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
  • 52 F Park Hyatt
  • Mon-Sun Lunch: 11:30-2:30 Dinner: 5:30-10:00pm
  • Dinner: 5:30-10:00pm
  • 03-5323-4358

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