when in doubt: take a bath

The past couple of weeks, I’d been so busy and finally my body was slowly getting tired. I am usually a shower-kinda a girl, but as I was feeling tired, I thought taking a bath would relax me. Bathing in Japan can be done in 3 forms: at home (お風呂 ofuro), at a sento (銭湯, public bath) or at an onsen (温泉, hot springs).  But I’ll be talking about bathing at home.

In Japan, the bath tubs are very deep but short in length. I can barely stretch my legs all the way out and I am only 5’4″ (about 165cm). Instead of laying down, you sit in the bathtub and fill the water up to your shoulders or even chin.


The actual bathroom is split into two areas. The bathtub and the  small area connected to the bathtub where you can either sit or stand to wash your body and hair before entering the bathtub (it’s basically the shower area). In Japanese families, the entire family will bathe in the same bath water, so it is important to wash your body before entering the bath. DSC_3111

1. I decided to soak in the bath using a Sweets Maison Petit Macaron Fizz (スウェーツ メゾン プチ マカロン フィズ), which was rose scented.  It also comes in raspberry, pomegranate, and grapefruit. 2. Although this looks like a real cute macaron you must remember it can NOT be eaten and is used specifically for the bath.

2013-03-25-21-56-56_deco DSC_3019

1. As the bath was filling up I tossed in the bath fizz and watched it start to fizzle slowly. The top of the macaron came apart from the cream and bottom half.   2. It dissolved into the bathtub and changed the water color.

DSC_3022 DSC_3024

I took a shower before entering the bath, and massaged a hair mask into my hair and tied it up. I turned on some music and soaked in the bath for about 30 minutes. I rubbed my tired muscles and could feel totally relaxed. Then, I got out and washed the mask out of my hair and rinsed off my body. My skin was left feeling soft and smooth–Yesh!


I forgot how much I enjoy taking a bath. Most Japanese people take baths every night, even in the summer. I don’t know if I want to take bathes in the summer and then sweat right after getting out–hahahah. But for right now, I will continue to enjoy my bath until the weather gets warmer. How do you relax your body?


ms fancy pants tokyo



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