yozakura and pizza!

I was feeling a little under the weather recently and needed to snap out of it, so yesterday Ree-O and I decided to do yozakura(夜桜), or look at cherry blossoms that were lit up around Tokyo Midtown (東京ミッドタウン).

There is said to be over 150 Somei-Yoshino Cherry Trees (染井吉野) that are in full bloom around Sakura Avenue and Hinokicho Park. They were lit up with pink and white lights.

2013-03-30-18-09-33_deco 2013-03-30-18-08-48_deco

It was so beautiful, and reminded me of Christmas illuminations. Seeing the cherry blossoms totally changed my feeling from glum to glee–yay!


We were going to walk to Ark Hills to check out more cherry blossoms, but on the way over this pizza place caught our eye. Our stomachs got the best of us, so we decided to forget Ark Hills, and say hello to Frey’s Famous Pizzeria!

Ree-O was intrigued by the broccolo on the glass window, which we found out was sauteed broccoli. The outside of the restaurant is cute, and looks really American.

DSC_3108 dsc_3107

Inside was very simple and white. Ree-O and I sat at the bar counter which was roomy, and chatted with the staff. There were also two tables for larger parties.

 DSC_3104 DSC_3105

We started the meal with an appetizer, fried mozzarella cheese served with mini cherry tomatoes and vinegar, topped with fresh basil.


Inside the fried mozzarella was bits of basil and prosciutto. It was delish!


There were only 3 types of pizzas on the menu, so Ree-O and I decided to split two of them. We were both craving cheese so we ordered the Bianca (ビアンカ) and Margherita (マルゲリータ). The third pizza had no cheese so we didn’t order it–save the Marinara (マリナーラ).

The pizza chef pounded the dough on a floured surface and shaped it. Then he added the tomato sauce and other toppings, and popped it into the wood burning pizza oven. He then told us the name of the place was modeled after  “Sal’s Famous Pizzeria” from Spike Lee’s movie “Do the Right Thing”.

DSC_3102 DSC_3103

The Bianca had no tomato sauce, just mozzarella and pecorino cheese. It was mighty tasty!


The Margherita was standard with tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil. We were both pleased with this one. The crust on both pizzas were so good. It was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Cooked just right.


Was sooooo glad that we decided to check this place out. It was super satisfying, and Ree-O loved the music selection they played. So when was the last time you ate pizza?


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • Frey’s Famous Pizzeria (フレイズ フェイマス ピッツェリア)
  • 4-5-15 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 1F City Roppongi Dai-Ichi Bldg
  • Tues-Sat  Lunch 11:30-14:30  Dinner 17:30-22:00
  • Sun/Holiday  Lunch 11:30-14:30  Dinner 17:30-21:00
  • 03-3497-8820

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