silicone moisturizing mask

The other day, while I was waiting for my friend I decided to pop into the 100 yen store to kill time.  In Japan, the 100 yen store is frequented by ALL people, because it sells everything and anything. So while I was in there, I came across this Silicone Mositurizing Mask (シリコーン潤マスク) for sheet masks.

Ree-O had been looking for a rubber mask, and  we had unsuccessfully searched for it in many beauty and drug stores. I thought that this was the closet thing, and decided to try it out. It said it prevents the lotion from evaporating from the mask, and you can wear the silicon mask in the bath to help you gently perspire.

2013-03-31-11-42-20_deco DSC_3157

There are two ways to use the mask: the first one is using it over a sheet mask.


1. First putting on my regular hyaluronic acid face mask. 2. Then covering it with the silicon mask–I look like Jason from Friday the 13th movies. hahaha. But I have to admit that putting the silicon mask over my face mask DID prevent the lotion from evaporating and made the mask last for over 30 minutes without it feeling dry. Without the silicon mask, I usually wear it for only about 10 minutes. I thought my face felt more moisturized then usual, as my skin absorbed more of the lotion.

2013-03-31-11-43-23_deco 2013-03-31-11-43-39_deco

The second way to use it, is directly on your face in the bath.


Using it in the bath made my face perspire a lot (I unfortunately sweat too much even without the mask). It felt good, except I couldn’t keep the mask on for 10-15 minutes. But I felt refreshed after using it, and washed my face with cold water.  The silicon mask is reusable, so I will continue to use it. What cheap beauty finds have you discovered recently?


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