girls lunch @ tomigaya terrace

RiRi and I like to go out to eat on the weekends but since I was so busy recently, I had to stay in the hood (代々木八幡 Yoyogi Hachiman) to eat. We checked out to 2 different restaurants and then decided to go to Tomigaya Terrace (トミガヤ テラス).

Tomigaya Terrace is like my “go to” place, when I don’t know what I feel like. They serve a variety of food, from pasta, to Vietnamese Pho, to french and Mediterranean.  1. It’s a cute little cafe that has an open terrace in the spring and summer.  2.  They have a bar counter, regular tables, and comfy little couches to relax and enjoy eating. The front terrace seats are also dog-friendly.

img_06705_04 DSC_2913

The lunch menu is simple.  There are 6 different types of lunches to choose from: fresh pasta, the weekly lunch special, brown rice curry, lunch from the grill, pho and beef steak. All of the lunches change weekly, so there is always something new to try!


I was in the mood for something light and healthy so I order the roast beef pho. Recently, they added an appetizer plate to the menu for an additional 500yen, so I decided to try that too. All lunches come with a salad and drink. On weekdays the drinks are free refills, unfortunately they aren’t on the weekends–boo.

I really like their salads, especially with the shredded carrots. The dressing is oil based and very light, and it is seasoned with black pepper.


The appetizer plate included another small salad, carrot salad, grilled vegetables, pate and bread. It was good, but I think the salad that comes with the lunch menu is enough. I was already getting full and hadn’t even had my pho yet–hahha.


Here is my roast beef pho. I love the pho here!! I have had many different kids, and often come here when I am feeling under the weather just to eat it. Of course they serve it with vinegar and fish sauce. There were large pieces of roast beef under all the greens–yum!! Very tasty and very healthy!!


RiRi had the grilled chicken, brown rice, and fries. I unfortunately forgot to snap a pic. But I have tried it many times–it is delish. I like the relaxed atmosphere of Tomigaya Terrace and often frequent the place for lunch and dinner. It is delish and with such a wide variety of food everyone can always find something they like!


ms fancy pants tokyo & grilled pork (previous visit)


  • Tomigaya Terrace (トミガヤ テラス)
  • 1-14-13 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Fri 11:30-12:00am
  • Sat-Sun 11:30-2:00am
  • 03-6407-9384

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