sushi time @uogashi zushi

Boo-chan and I went to Lalaport Yokohama(ららぽーと横浜) the other day to shop around. We were supposed to watch a movie too, but I got the time mixed up, so we settled with dinner instead. Boo-chan felt like sushi, but we were a bit hesitant about the sushi place there, but thought why not–hahaha. So off to Numazu Uofashi Zushi (沼津魚がし鮨) we went.

Lalaport Yokohama is similar to an American style shopping mall. It has over 370 shops and restaurants, and a large movie complex. Recently, many shops had renewal openings last month and many new shops will continue to open this month.


Numazu Uofashi Zushi is on the third floor in the Central Garden area.


The restaurant is bigger then it looks from the outside.  1. They had counter seats. 2. Booth seating was more common, as people came to eat with their families. Boo-chan and I sat in a booth. The restaurant was Japanese themed, and had a lot of wood accents.

DSC_2901 DSC_2890

Although sushi is very traditional, the restaurant was high-tech, each counter seat and booth was a equipped with an iPad for ordering. We scrolled through the menu and began to order.


1. We grabbed our green tea cups and made ourselves some tea. Boo-chan and I love chawanmushi (茶碗蒸し)、which is an egg custard , so we both ordered one. It had shiitake mushrooms, a ginko nut, shrimp, and lily root. Yum!

DSC_2896 DSC_2898

Started by ordering my fav-salmon (サーモン)!


Can’t eat sushi with out ordering maguro (まぐろ tuna),  so I had a special plate made with o-toro (fatty tuna) and maguro.2013-03-19-20-00-03_deco

I also ordered clam miso soup (あさりの味噌汁)and Boo-chan had crab miso soup (カニ汁), which looked a little scary considering they just chopped the crab in half. hahaha.

2013-03-19-19-59-32_deco 2013-03-19-19-59-11_deco

I also love scallops (帆立 hotate) and also had a special plate made with three different types to see which one I liked the best.


They had an interesting menu where you could order sushi with Korean style nori (seaweed). I love Korean nori, so I decided to try the negi toro (scallions and tuna). It was so good!


Sorry I couldn’t take pics of all the sushi we ate, I was so into eating at one point, I forgot–oops! But although this was a chain sushi restaurant, we were pleased with the fresh fish. Wasn’t the best I have ever had but it was definitely NOT the worse either. It satisfied our sushi craving! When was the last time you had sushi?


ms fancy pants tokyo & fried squid legs (yes, it was on the menu)


  • Numazu Uogashi Zushi (沼津魚がし鮨)
  • 4035-1  Ikonobe-cho, Tsuzuki-ku ,Yokohama-shi
  • 3F Yokohama Lalaport
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00
  • 045-414-1942

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