dinner @ bio cafe

Nancy just got back from a fun-filled trip to Hawaii, and felt like eating something healthy, so we decided it was finally time to try the BiO Cafe in Spain-zaka in Shibuya.

BiO meaning micro-biotic and healthy–yes!! The cafe sells bread in the front and is a restaurant in the back.


The cafe had an open kitchen. Nancy and I were lucky enough to get seated right way, I was so surprised how many people entered the restaurant after us. It seemed to be very popular.

2013-04-07-19-23-43_deco 2013-04-07-19-22-53_deco

We looked over the menu and then decided we wanted to try one of the courses–there were only 3. Nancy ordered the Reset Course (リセット コース) which had only 800 kcals. Since I had worked out right before, I had the Meat Course for Women (肉食女子コース). We weren’t really sure what was going to come, but we were excited to try everything!

1. We were first brought a basket of delicious homemade breads that was made with organic natural yeast. They served it with olive oil and parmesan cheese.  2. The bread was refillable, and every time we received different types. I liked the bread with blueberries.

2013-04-07-19-25-24_deco 2013-04-07-19-21-57_deco

The meat course came with a romaine lettuce vegetable caesar salad (ロメインレタスの植物性シーザーサラダ) with chunks of avocados in it, very delicious. The sauce was made with creamy tofu and bits of seaweed.


Nancy began with steamed organic veggies grown in red soil (赤土有機野菜のスチーム), served with sea salt, wine vinegar, and a tofu dip. I tried the tofu dip, it was very creamy and tasted refreshing.


Next, I had a harira moroccan soup (ハリラ). Lamb, spices,tomatoes, herbs, beans, red wine and onions were boiled to make  a soup that helps with digestion. This soups was very tasty.


Nancy had a very simple red paprika potage (赤パプリカのポタージュ). The bowls the soups were served in were so cute, except they were gigantic, so it looked like the soup was only 1/4 filled.


My main dish was beef tendons with konyaku and couscous (牛すじと蒟蒻のクスクス). This was fantastic. It came with a spicy tomato based sauce that was I put on top of the beef and konyaku. They said the beef was a good source of collagen, and therefore good for your skin. Because they used konyaku it was also a healthy substitute. I liked this dish alot, and it was sooo filling.


Nancy had the vegetable gratin hamburg (植物性グラタンハンバーグ) as her main. It was veggie patty topped  with soy milk that tasted and looked similar to cheese. It did look like real meat, but tasted a little different, but was definitely a healthy alternative.


We both ended the meal with the same dessert, pumpkin, soy milk and fruit gelato (豆乳と野菜と果物のジェラート). This was a good concept, but it didn’t taste good at all. The pumpkin was too strong, and had  felt too dry. Only the bottom of the dessert was cold. It needed a sauce, or maybe they should have used a different veggie as the base. It was interesting to say the least.


Overall I was satisfied with our meal. The dessert was a flop, but I was too full from everything else to care. I really liked the different breads and my beef tendon and couscous. Next time I want to try the beautiful skin course (美肌コース).  What types of health food have you eaten recently?


ms fancy pants tokyo & the bagel set (I want to try)


  • BiO Cafe (ビオ カフェ)
  • 16-14 Udagawacho ,Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 1F Patio Bldg
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00
  • 03-5428-3322

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