pizza hut japan

Last night was a stormy wet windy mess, which seemed more like a typhoon. Boo-chan came home early, as he didn’t want to be stranded. For some reason when it rains, the American girl in me screams it’s time to order pizza—so it was Pizza Hut to the rescue!

I love pizza–whether its American pan-pizza, Chicago deep dish,  crispy and thin or baked in an open brick oven, anything goes! In Japan, Pizza Hut has a variety of both American and Japanese style pizzas–like Teriyaki Chicken, Mayo Q (mayonnaise and bbq chicken), Super Korean Purukogi (bulgogi, onions, nira-onions, spicy red pepper strings), and Tuna Mild (tuna, mayonnaise, bacon, and onions)


Boo-chan and I went for our usual, a large Deluxe Pizza (デラックス) with pan crust (ふっくらパンピザ)! The Deluxe includes pepperoni, bacon, onions and green peppers. In Japan, a large is 31cm and the medium is 25cm. In America, a Medium is 12 inches (about 30 cm) and a large is 14 inches (about 36 cm), so the sizes are a tad different.


We also ordered Juicy Chicken Wings (ジューシー ウイング チキン), which were made from KFC. They were good, but I wish there were more then 3- hahahha.


We also decided to order their new homemade dessert item, Hut Pon (ハットPON), which will only be available until June 9.  The Hut Pon is bite-sized soft bread that has chocolate rolled inside and cheddar cheese melted on the outside.


1. You can see the chocolate rolled in the soft bread–reminded me of a non-flaky chocolate croissant.  2. The inside of the Hut Pot. It was delish. I couldn’t taste the cheddar cheese, but I could see it melted and hardened on top of the bread.

2013-04-08-00-09-27_deco 2013-04-08-00-09-51_deco

We couldn’t eat everything, but I love eating leftover pizza the next day. One thing I forgot to mention is delivery pizza is a little bit more expensive then in the states, or probably anywhere for that matter. Most large pizzaz cost about 3,000 yen, which is about $30 USD–yipes it’s super expensive I know, but it cant be helped. So, when was the last time you had delivery pizza?


ms fancy pants tokyo & olives (one of my fav toppings)



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