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I heart Pariya in Aoyama–I even had my birthday party there (if you missed it click here)! It has great healthy food, that changes weekly, so it’s always an appetite pleaser! I went their yesterday with RiRi and Kimi, and also recently with Nancy too.

Pariya was so crowded when we got there, but luckily we got seat with in 5-10 minutes. 1. The 5 different main dishes to choose from.  2. 3 of the side dishes, two were getting restocked.

DSC_3235 DSC_3236

I ordered  brown rice (玄米), corn beef and cabbage pasta with corn mayonnaise (コンビーフと春キャベツのパスタ コーンマヨネーズ), gomoku hijiki (ひじきの五目煮) and soft shelled fried shrimp with lime sauce (ソフト シェル シューリンプのフリット チリ ライム ソース). This was the first time I had the shrimp, which was very tasty! I enjoyed this meal a lot!


1. After eating, we always get gelato.The flavors also change weekly too. At lunch time, the drink bar is free and  you can get a single scoop of gelato for 200, when it regularly cost 380! We can’t pass up that oppuritunity.  I am still hooked on the sakura and ama natto (sweet Japanese beans) so I ordered that. I love the taste of sakura!  2. RiRi and Kimi enjoying their gelato, they both got double scoops.

DSC_3241 72896_10152714223990150_184816683_n

A couple of weeks ago Nancy and I came to Pariya for lunch. I was super satisfied with my meal that day: I had brown rice (玄米), fried tofu with sweet chili sauce (揚げ出し豆腐 エビチリソース),  fried tofu pouch with a beaten egg over it (油揚げ玉子とじ) and shiso layered in a fried pork cutlet (大葉をはさんだミルフィーユトンカツ). This menu was soooo delicious! Of course I drank it with my usual Calpico (カルピス) and  Soukenbicha (爽健美茶)–not pictured.


1.  Nancy is so cute!! She had brown rice (玄米), penne with spring cabbage and anchovy mayonnaise (春キャベツとペンネのアンチョビマヨネーズ),  udo and wakame in a vinegar miso paste (うどとワカメの酢味噌あえ) and  kasuzuke grilled Spanish mackerel that smells of sakura (桜のかおり 鰆(サワラ)の粕漬けグリル).  2. After eating, we both had sakura and ama natto (桜と甘納豆) gelatos in a cones– yum!

DSC_3014 DSC_3015

RiRi and Kimi love Pariya because they don’t cook rice at home. So they crave rice, and it turns out the only time they have it is at Pariya since they mostly eat out and cook western food at home. The food here is great and never gets old as they change the menu weekly. I recently introduced Nancy to Pariya and now she is hooked too! So, what’s your favorite restaurant? or one you often frequent?


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • Pariya (パリヤ)
  • 3-12-14 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 1F MAKO Kita Aoyama
  • Mon-Sun 11:30-23:00
  • 03-3409-8468

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