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Yesterday, Boo-chan suddenly felt he needed to eat more iron, so he wanted to eat Chinese food–in particular stir fried liver and Chinese leeks (garlic chives). On his commute home from work, he always passes this Chinese restaurant that seems to be busy, so he wanted to go there. So we hopped on his bike, and off we went to Dai Shanghai (大上海) in Hatagaya (幡ヶ谷).

The outside of the restaurant was cute and festive–there were big red lanterns, and bright lights.

2013-04-15-22-00-56_deco 2013-04-15-22-00-18_deco

As we were dining rather late, there was no one in the restaurant. The restaurant is plain but had a lot of Chinese artwork, red and gold decorations and a large screen TV that was mounted on the wall.


We started with some appetizers. This was the first time Boo-chan and I ate raw zha cai (生ザーサイ) or fresh Chinese pickled vegetables. They were brightly colored, and tasted a little on the salty side.


We also had  shrimp har gow (海老餃子). They were steamed to prefection.


My fav- had to order eggrolls (春巻き).


The eggrolls were filled with cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, and other yummy ingredients.


For our main dishes, I chose the chicken with cashew nuts (鶏肉のカチューナッツ炒め). This was deliscious. I couldn’t believe how many cashews were in it, most places only put in a few.


Boo-chan finally got his liver and Chinese leeks (レバニラ). I tried the liver, I didn’t really like it. But I loved the stir fried veggies it came with!


The food was fantastic. Since we were the only customers, the chef and waitress started to chat with us. They were a cute married couple originally from Shanghai. They asked me if I was half Japanese and I said yes, and told them that I grew up in Vegas. Then the chef brought out his camera and started to show me pics of his family trip to Vegas. He loved it there and wanted to visit again. They were both so funny and nice. I definitely want to go back there. There were plenty of dishes on the menu, but the portions were so large we couldn’t order anything else. Next time we will try more things!


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • Dai Shanghai (大上海)
  • 2-20-8 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sat  Lunch 11:30-14:30  Dinner 17:30-24:00
  • Sun Dinner 18:00-23:30
  • 03-3370-3346

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