weekend lunching @bondi cafe, tea time@fireking cafe

Recently, Junko, KK and I went for lunch in the hood (Yoyogi Hachiman). It was a sunny beautiful day, minus the cold winds. As KK had never been to Bondi Cafe Yoyogi Beach Park (ボンダイ カフェ 代々木ベーチパーク), we decided to go there. There was a long wait but we decided that everywhere was busy, so we minus well wait it out.

Bondi Cafe is named after the ever-so-popular Bondi Beach in Australia. 1. It’s a surf themed cafe which has outdoor patio seating–I like to sit outside when its warmer, although they have heaters and blankets. 2. The back room is comfy with sofa seating and a flat screen TV that plays surf vids.

2013-04-19-19-19-22_deco 2013-04-19-19-21-51_deco

1.  After we were seated,  Junko ordered Citrus Yuzu Tea (ゆず茶). 2. Birkin was so patient, he just sat quietly and waited. The server also brought a dish of water for him. The whole cafe is dog-friendly.

2013-04-19-19-20-03_deco 2013-03-24-14-23-05_deco

KK and I both order the Clam Chowder (クラム チャウダー) to warm ourselves. It was good, but the soup was on the thin side. It also had many clams, large chunks of bacon and corn in it.


Since I usually order from the regular menu, I decided I wanted to try their seasonal menu. I had the clams and steamed chicken soup spaghetti (ハマグリと蒸しチキンのスープスパゲッティ). Maybe because the clam chowder was rich, I felt this soup spaghetti had no taste. It needed a heavier broth or a splash of soy sauce or something. This was a big disappointment, as I have enjoyed all the other food I have tried on previous visits.


Junko and KK decided to have the Spanish Mackerel and steamed veggies (鰆と根菜のせいろ蒸し).It looked great. I should have ordered this healthy meal. I tasted the miso sauce, it was delish. I added it to my soup for a little more flavor–hahaha.


I was definitely not satisfied with my lunch–should have ordered my garlic shrimp bowl, oh well. We decided to leave to another cafe to get coffee. We walked to Fireking Cafe (ファイヤーキング カフェ) which is in Yoyogi Uehara, the next station over but only a 10 minute walk.

I like the intimate atmosphere at Fireking Cafe at night. This was the first time I had been there in the afternoon, and the atmosphere was completely different but still nice.  1. Fireking serves Indonesian/Asian food and is 53m from Yoyogi Uehara Station (代々木上原駅).  2. It was brightly lit in the restaurant; however, at night the dim lights set the mood. They have many comfy sofa chairs and love seats.

2013-04-19-19-22-07_deco 2013-04-19-19-22-25_deco

We sat in this little nook area closest to the bar and entrance, which allows dogs. 1. Birkin posing for the cam again–so cute!  2. I was interested in the small dessert case, and collected a bunch of mags for us to read. They had various fashion and interior mags.

5556_10152692496120296_258841926_n 2013-04-19-19-22-43_deco

Behind the bar was light green vintage-esque glassware. They used to collect and use these, but recently they discontinued making them. I love the color. KK ordered a drip coffee and Junko had a hot wine.

2013-04-19-19-23-00_deco 581349_10152692495825296_990983152_n

I opted for Pisang Goreng (ピサン ゴレン) or fried bananas with vanillas ice cream! This was recommended by the friendly waitress, and was excellent–so glad I took her advice! It hit the spot after eating my tasteless pasta.


We relaxed and spent a lazy afternoon chatting and reading mags. Then it was finally time to go. Had such a laid-back day cafe hopping with KK and Junko. So glad that it didn’t rain. What cafes do you often go to?


ms fancy pants tokyo & acai bowl (Bondi Cafe)


  • Bondi Cafe Yoyogi Beach Park (ボンダイ カフェ 代々木ベーチパーク)
  • 1-15-2 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Fri 9:00-2:00am
  • Sat-Sun/Holiday 11:00-1:00am
  • 03-5790-9888
  • .
  • Fireking Cafe (ファイヤーキング カフェ)
  • 1-30-8 Uehara, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Fri 11:30-2:00am
  • Sat-Sun/Holiday  12:00-2:00am
  • 03-3469-7911

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