baby fever!!

In Japan and America, it seems my friends are all popping out babies left and right!! This weekend, everyone got a dose of baby fever–recently meeting so many babies!  This time, I went to see one of my university friends–Kathy at her parent’s house. She was a returnee to Japan, meaning she was born in Japan, but grew up state-side then returned to Japan for University. She recently had twin babies (5 months go) and was visiting Tokyo from New Jersey with her hubby.

It’s been about 8-9 years since I last saw Kathy–still remember the days of good ole Jochi. It was fun catching up.


This was the first time we were all meeting Kathy’s twins Blake and Miya–they are like me, half Japanese/American. 1. Little Blake is sooo cute and calm!! 2. Look at Miya’s chubby little cheeks. Must be so hard to take care of twins, according to Kathy, she wakes up every hour–yikes!

539840_10151329457416389_796751863_n 18021_10152745268465296_368660272_n

And of course we got to meet Ai’s little ones too. Baby Maika (4 months) was darling and I love her little hairband. 2.  Two year old Shozo was super cute in his batman outfit, he loved the phone and kept trying to dial out.

563822_10152745268715296_250416963_n 602200_10151330112956831_1265990965_n

1. There was another little baby that came, and we decided to line them up for a group pic–which didn’t last very long before they all began to cry. They were probably scared of everyone crowding them and snapping pictures left and right–hahah. 2. Kathy’s hubs and his high school friend taking care of the twins–sleeping on the job.

564225_10151329488426389_1966036358_n 69059_10152745268645296_275193619_n

It was great seeing my friends’ kids. It seems like yesterday we were all in school together studying, and now two of them are mothers–time passes so quickly!! But I can definitely say, baby fever is spreading like wildfire! hahaha. Wonder who will be next?


ms fancy pants tokyo



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