family lunch@kisoji

Yesterday I had a family obligation in Nerima, and after it was over, we all ate lunch at Kisoji (木曽路). It was crowded with many families celebrating their children entering schools (入学) or new companies (入社). We usually go there for big family get togethers, this time we were a party of 12.

Kisoji is a chain restaurant that servers Japanese food, for any and all occasions. It’s well known for its shabu shabu, sauces and great service.  We all had the same course-Wife’s Basket (妻籠 tsumago). It began with a cup of sakura tea (桜茶).


Next, we were served various bite-sized appetizers (盛り込み).


The sashimi salad (お造り) was delicious and tasted refreshing with the light dressing poured over everything.


The Collagen Hot Pot (コラーゲン鍋) had many veggies and collagen enriched noodles. It was piping hot and very healthy.


I love eating Egg Custard (茶碗蒸し), it had a shiitake mushroom, ginko nut, shrimp and a piece of chicken.


The tempura (揚げ物) was crispy and tasty. I put the momiji oroshi-Japanse daikon mixed with paprika and cayenne pepper into the tempura sauce. There was shrimp, eggplant, pumpkin and green pepper tempura.


Sea Bream Rice with Green Tea (鯛茶漬け tai ochazuke) and Japanese Pickles (香の物). Ochazuke is a bowl of plain white rice, with toppings such as nori and herbs, and sea bream that is flavored with miso. After adding the desired toppings, you pour green tea over the rice. I added more wasabi and nori in my ochzuke.


Last, but not least it was Dessert (デザート) time–sakuma mochi with sweet white anko beans! Yum! I like Japanese wagashi just as much as I like western sweets!


Although it didn’t seem like a lot of food, it was actually quite filling. I couldn’t even finish my ochazuke. I liked this course because it was healthy especially with the collagen hot pot. What sort of healthy collagen filled meals have you eaten recently?


ms fancy pants tokyo & individual hot pots


  • Kisoji (木曽路 谷原店)
  • 1-1-5 Yahara, Nerima-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sun/Holidays  Lunch 11:30-15:00, Dinner 17:00-22:30
  • 03-5393-1370

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