curry time @shree everest kitchen

I accompanied Boo-chan to this chiropractic (整体) appointment in Tanmachi (反町). This clinic uses special techniques that help the body to recover faster and naturally. Anyways after his appointment we were hungry and stumbled upon this Nepalese and Indian restaurant, Shree Everest Kitchen  (シリー エベレスト キッチン).  It seemed to be popular, and we both love curry so we decided to try it.

1. The restaurant looked festive from the outside.  2. When we walked in, the walls were painted a bright orange and traditional garb and pictures of famous places in India and Nepal were hung on the walls.

2013-04-20-12-13-54_deco 2013-04-20-12-13-23_deco

Boo-chan and I looked at the menu. He ordered the B Set and I had the Naan Set. 1. Both sets came with your choice of drink. Boo-chan got a mango lassi and I had an ice chai tea.  2. It also came with a small salad covered in thousand island dressing.

2013-04-20-12-09-58_deco 2013-04-20-12-09-15_deco

I love samosas, so I had to order them. Samosas are usually a triangular shaped flour pastry filled with spiced potatoes, onions, lentils, pea and sometimes meat and served with chutney.


The inside of my samosa–this one was good, but I have had better. It was basically only potato and lacked spices and other ingredients. But I still ate it happily.


Boo-chan’s B set came with 3 curries, Eggplant, Pork and Keema Egg. It also came with a piece of Tandoori Chicken, Fish Tikka, a serving of yellow rice and naan and yogurt with fruit for dessert. The rice and naan were all you can eat. Boo-chan choose a normal level of spiciness (中辛) for all his curries.


The Naan Set I ordered came with your choice of curry. I chose the chicken curry with a normal (中辛) spiciness.  The spiciness was just right, but next time I want to try it spicier. It was delicious and had many pieces of tender chicken. I ate the whole thing!


The naan was all you can eat, but I only ate one piece as it was sooo large. The naan tasted a little bit sweeter then I am used to but it was tasty.


Boo-chan and I were so full and satisfied after our meal! Next time Boo-chan has a chiropractic appointment, we will definitely eat there again. When was the last time you ate delicious curry?


ms fancy pants tokyo & boo-chan scarfing down his food


  • Shree Everest Kitchen (シリー エベレスト キッチン)
  • 1-3-1 Kami Tanmachi Kanagawa-ku Yokohama City
  • Mon-Sun  Lunch 11:00-15:00, Dinner 17:00-23:00
  • 045-320-4920

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