family dinner @minato tei

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon with Boo-chan’s family in Yokohama, then drove to Kamata (蒲田) to eat at Minato Tei (港亭), a Japanese izakaya restaurant run by a mother and son duo. An izakaya is a drinking establishment that serves a variety food that accompanies alcohol.

The restaurant is close to the east exit (東口) of the Keikyu Kamata Station (京急蒲田駅). The entrance has a Japanese feel with its use of natural wood and green bamboo in a small corner garden.

DSC_3463 2013-04-20-16-51-16_deco

The inside also used green bamboo and white lanterns to give a very simple Japanese feel. There were many tables and counter seating in front of the open kitchen.


Since Boo-chan’s cute nieces and nephew were with us, so we ordered food that they could eat. We started with every kids favorite–Japanese fried chicken, better known as karaage (からあげ)


The kids also loved the fried shrimp with mentaiko mayonnaise sauce (海老明太子マヨ).


Boo-chan wanted to eat stewed motsu (もつ煮込み) with daikon, tofu, shiitake and other veggies. I personally don’t like motsu–which is either pork or beef guts, but I like to eat the other ingredients instead.2013-04-20-16-53-26_deco

I love fried squid legs (いかゲソ揚げ) with lemon. It was crispy and delish!


We also had stewed beef tongue (牛タン煮込み). The meat was so tender and tasty.


We had tempura assortment (天ぷら盛り合わせ) served with tempura sauce or salt. I liked it better dipped in salt. The tempura included eggplant, maitake mushrooms, shrimp, fish, sweet potato, green pepper and pumpkin.


Crunchy cheese sticks (カリカリチーズスティック) served with mayonnaise and mentaiko mayonnaise.


Ika and kampyou maki (イカとかんぴょう巻き).


Next we had  Koyadofu tamago toji (こうや豆腐卵とじ). Which is dried tofu mixed with eggs and other veggies. I really liked this, it’s very healthy too.


We also had the bacon asparagus wrap (アスパラベーコン巻き). This was sooo good.


We tried to other variations of the bacon wrap with enoki mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms (えのきベーコン巻き、しいたけベーコン巻き).  Yummy! I love enoki mushrooms but I hate how they get stuck in between my teeth.


 The shiitake mushroom bacon maki was the best.


I was getting so full, but food kept coming out. I had to end the meal with something light and delish, clam miso soup (あさりの味噌汁).


Tonight, I had eaten so much food. I couldn’t take pics of everything as the kids were already digging in. I think they were getting annoyed with their auntie snapping pics all the time. hahahah. We left feeling full and sleepy. The littlest one, had fallen asleep after she had gotten her fill.


ms fancy pants tokyo & cute owl chopstick holder


  • Minato Tei (港亭)
  • 3-14-13 Kamata, Ota-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sat 17:00-24:00
  • 03-3739-8838

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