how to wear a scarf

Spring is here–YES!! Except everyone once in a while a freezing wintery day creeps up on us in Tokyo. But as the weather warms up, heavy duty clothes are finally getting packed away. Somedays are too warm for a jacket but too cool to go without a scarf. In the spring, scarves are not just for keeping warm but they can spice up your outfit.

While I was at the gym on my favorite elliptical machine, I read Classy’s May edition. (more on Classy Mag blog click here). Was flipping through the pages and realized I wanted to know more ways to tie my scarves.


They posted 8 different styles of wearing a scarf and what type of clothing fits best.  To try these styles, please start from step 1 (reads from right to left).

1. The Rough Tie (ラフ巻き) looks best with striped shirts (ボーダーカットソー). It’s the simplest way to wear a scarf.  2. The Afghan Tie  (アフガン 巻き) should be paired with a plain shirt (無地カットソー).


1. The Volume Tie (ボリューム巻き) looks great with a sack dress (サックワンピ)  2. The Milano Tie (ミラノ巻き) fits a sleeveless dress (タンクワンピ).


1. The Side Tie (サイド結び巻き) is best with a dungaree denim shirt (ダンガリーシャツ).  2. The Compact Tie (コンパクト巻き) is best with white button down shirts (白シャツ).


1. The Fringe Tie looks the best with a loose fitting knit top.  2. The Loop Tie should be paired with a striped knit top.


I just so happened to find some more ways to tie scarves for the March Edition of Classy Magazine.

1. The Afghan Tie (こなれアフガン巻き) is a casual cute look for carefree adults.  2. The Georgio Tie (ジョルジオ巻き) is a classic handsome tie that works well with thin high quality fabrics.


1. The New Editor Tie (新エティター巻き)  is easy to tie, but looks difficult. It evolved from the basic Editor Tie  2. The Volume Tie (ボリューム巻き) draws attention and makes the area around your face look brilliant.


Now that you have learned many ways to tie your spring scarves, go out and try them! What other ways do you like to wear your scarves?


ms fancy pants tokyo & georgio tie



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