spring nails at March Nail Salon (Shinjuku)

It’s spring here in Tokyo, and that means time to take out my springs clothes and of course time for spring nails!

It had been a while since I last came to March Nail Salon in Shinjuku (マーチ新宿). I used to get my nails done here every month as my old office was right around the corner. It’s located on the 4 floor, but I must warn you, there is no elevator access. Inside is very bright, simple and white.

topmarch C000733366_349-262

I wanted to do something spring-ish, so what better then to use flowers designs!  1. I chose a pre-made design from the look book. It was called “Flower Shower” (フラワーシャワー) and uses 6 different colors, small flower designs, holograms on 4 nails, and 6 stones.  2. All the pre-made designs can be semi-customized. You can choose the 6 colors, the colors of the holograms and size, shape and color of the stones.

DSC_3477 DSC_3478

I took off my old nails, and decided to use my natural nails and had them oval shaped (if you missed out on the basics please click here). I chose all pastel gel colors; pastel pink, pastel yellow and pastel green (2 nails in each color). For the flowers (4 nails) I chose a white color as the base. Not only can you choose the colors, but you can choose which colors you want on which nails.  You can have both your hands matching, but I chose to do them separately. Time to paint each nail either pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel green or white.

Next is the flower design, which are small roses on my 4 white nails. The roses were all hand painted by my nailist. I used a bright pink for the roses and to give the roses texture, the same pastel yellow was used. For the leaves, we used a darker green, then highlighted them with the same pastel green. I also chose silver holograms to be scattered on these four nails.


  After the rose design was finished, it was time to chose the stones for my pink, yellow and green nails. I chose the second largest white milky stone. After they were placed on my nails the final top coat was added to all my nails. Tah-Dah!!Tthe finished product 1. My left hand.  2. My right hand.

2013-04-23-12-45-46_deco 2013-04-23-12-13-35_deco

I love getting my nails done. It suddenly makes you feel happy–hahaha I know that sounds superficial but it’s like instant satisfaction similar to when you buy new clothes or something you really wanted. Anyways when was the last time you had your nails done? Any fun spring designs?


ms fancy pants tokyo & my marble nails


  • March Nail Salon Shinjuku (マーチ 新宿店)
  • 7-9-14 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
  • 4F Dai-Ichi Edokin Bldg
  • Mon-Fri 10:00-21:00
  • Sat-Sun/Holiday 10:00-18:30
  • 03-3363-5530

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