quick lunch @kappa zushi

After Boo-chan and I went to his hospital check up, we were starving. And since we didn’t know the area well we decided to play this little game called, ” let’s eat at the next restaurant we come across.” So we did just that, and found ourselves at this cheap 105 yen sushi joint called Kappa Zushi (かっぱ寿司, 三鷹店).

It had been a while since we last ate really cheap conveyor belt sushi (回転寿司) so I was excited.  Since it was early afternoon it wasn’t packed so we just walked in and sat down. 1. I grabbed two tea cups and started to make us green tea.  2. Boo-chan got on the panel touch screen and started to order sushi. If you look in the second picture there are two lanes. The bottom is the conveyor that sends around  pre-made sushi. The top lane is for the orders we place from the panel.

2013-04-26-21-06-13_deco 2013-04-26-21-05-41_deco

 The panel is easy to use. The funny thing is the kcals are always displayed next to each picture. First we ordered Maguro (まぐろ) or tuna, 86 kcals.


This was my fav. Our first orders were delish, but I think we ordered too many and I got sick of it. Toro Salmon (とろサーモン), 124 kcals.


I was so sad that they were sold out of Hotate (帆立), or scallops. So I decided to try something more “American-esque.” I ordered the Ebi Ten Maki (海老天巻き) or shrimp tempura rolls, 222 kcals.  These were yummy.


Boo-chan also ordered a Hamaguri Miso Soup (はまぐり汁), 56 kcals. It’s crazy that this bowl of soup costs more then the sushi–hahahha. But never fear its still super cheap. And I love clams!!


Next is Hamachi Toro (はまち とろ), 68 kcals. Unfortunately this wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. But then again you can’t expect perfection at 105 yen a pop!


Boo-chan likes Engawa (えんがわ)、108 kcals.


Yari-ika Carpaccio (やりいか カルパッチョ) or soft squid carpaccio, 103 kcals. This was good but left an onion taste in my mouth.


Boiled Anago (煮穴子), 93 kcals. It comes with sauce, but I accidentally took the pic before I put it on.


We ended things with a Salad Roll (サラダ), 157 kcals. I think these are made for kids, I liked it but it had too much mayonnaise for me.


Lunch was really quick and definitely filled us up. For the price it was satisfying but I can’t deny that I missed eating my hotate-scallops. Of course I have had better sushi but was happy for the time being. hahahaha. Horay for cheap sushi!


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • Kappa Zushi (かっぱ寿司, 三鷹店)
  • 6-25-12 Shinkawa, Mitaka City Tokyo
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00
  • 0422-76-4082

3 thoughts on “quick lunch @kappa zushi

    • yah this was so fast and easy. and our orders came out freshly made. man that conveyor belt sushi place you went to with the flashing lights seemed crazy. but i hate when people dont get the orders right, or forget to place orders. in japan they have computerized order taking machines it definitely helps. but they are notorious for ignoring customers and no eye contact too…guess its everywhere!

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