shisui premium outlets via tokyo narita international airport

Boo-chan is the best hubby ever as he planned a surprise vacay for us during Golden Week–so off to Guam we went (April 30- May4)!! But before hitting the airport, we stopped by the newly opened Shisui Premium Outlets  (酒々井 プレミアム アウトレット), which opened up on April 19.

The Outlets are very close to Narita International Airport (成田空港)–a short bus ride away. They hope to attract those headed to/from the airport–I guess a little pre-flight shopping excursion at one of their 120 retails stores or 19 food outlets won’t hurt. To accommodate such travelers, they have an on-site currency exchange, large lockers to store suitcases, and they offer free wi-fi to overseas visitors who show their passport at the information desk!


To get to the outlets, Boo-chan and I took a direct bus from Tokyo Station (東京駅), which took less than 50 min. But be sure to check the times, as there are only 5 pick-ups a day. It was ¥1,200 one way  to Shisui, which included the bus fare from Shisui to Narita (runs 19 times a day, every 30 minutes). It was a great deal, as the Airport Limousine Bus from Shinjuku Station (新宿駅) to Narita is ¥3,000 one way.

Screen shot 2013-05-13 at 9.49.39 AM

Unfortunately, my huge Samsonite suitcase wouldn’t even fit in the largest locker. But we were told that they would hold our suitcases for us at the information center. What a relief, it was so crowded at the outlets I couldn’t imagine shopping and rolling it around everywhere. They charged us ¥800 and then we were finally hands free!

1. Boo-chan was blockin my view of the layout. Needed to check out what stores are where–hahaha.  2. It was crowded since it was GW and the outlets just opened less then two weeks ago.

2013-04-30-14-01-30_deco OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

First things first, time for lunch! I wanted to eat at California Pizza Kitchen, but Boo-chan pointed out that we would be in Guam so we went into the food court to see what else there was to eat. It was crowded inside, and eat place had lines. In the middle of the food court was a large display that sat on top of a globe, which showed departure times at the airport–very convinient.


Boo-chan and I settled on udon at Ginza Futaha (銀座 双芭) . It had a long line, but the food looked delish, and it had been a while since we last ate udon that you dip in a meat-based sauce.


Boo-chan ordered had the udon with a meat-based warm dipping sauce  (肉汁つけうどん) and a roasted chicken rice bowl (炙・鶏丼) set .


I had the the udon (肉汁つけうどん) with a meat-based warm dipping sauce and clam rice (深川飯) set. I love the thick udon noodles–the thicker the better. This lunch was sooo tasty and very filling!


Up close on the dipping sauce, it had large pieces of pork belly fat and shredded white onions. The broth was a little sweet, which I really liked.


My clam rice (深川飯) was filled with many clams. I’m a big clam fan, so this rice really hit the spot!


After eating we needed to walk off this meal. We strolled around and looked at almost every store. I was surprised to learn that 8 shops were making there outlet debut here in Japan; such as Rebecca Minkoff, Marmot and Pierre Marcolini. I had picked up some random things here and there, but I was saving my main shopping for Guam. After we got our luggage, we headed to Narita and were on our way to an island paradise! Happy Golden Week!


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • Shisui Premium Outlets  (酒々井 プレミアム アウトレット)
  • 689 Iizumi Shisui-machi, Inba-gun Chiba
  • Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00

2 thoughts on “shisui premium outlets via tokyo narita international airport

  1. Hi!
    Great article!
    Can you give more precisions about the express bus from Tokyo Yasue station?
    I went to the bus stop you mentioned above, but there was no sign or direction about this outlet. Even asking a staff who was working for Narita bus, he said that the bus company was different and that he didn’t know anything about it…
    My question is, is it the bus stop located between exit 20 and 21 (subway), in front of a restaurant called “La Bella”?


    • Hi Celbi!
      Thanks for reading my blog!! I will try and help you. If you take JR Lines exit the Yaesu Central exit. You will need to cross the street (if your back is at the station use the crosswalk on the left side–there are two cross walks).It will put you in front of Tokyo Tatemono Building (東京建物ビル) . The bus is on the right side of the building

      If you take the Subway it’s right outside of Exit 20. I believe it is right in front of a restaurant but I cant remember if it it was La Bella or not. But there will be an attendant at the bus stop. He will ask if you want a one way or a round trip ticket. The round trip ticket is cheaper than buying two one way tickets. When I went there I was going on a trip so only needed a one way ticket.

      If you can read Japanese here is a link that might help you. If not you can zoom in on this pdf. the Tokyo Station (東京駅) map is the second green box from the left. You can get a better view of what it looks like. The red circle is the bus stop. Here is the same map in English i just found it. It might be easier to look at the Japanese one.

      I hope this helps!

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